The Right Bespoke Staircase For You

Glass and Steel Staircase

Choosing the right style of staircase installation for you and your home can be dependent upon many factors – and one of the major benefits of opting for bespoke design lies in the fact that there is a wealth of opportunity and versatility open to you.  The right bespoke staircase for you is one which should reflect your personality, your existing home décor, and your own personal sense of aesthetics – the beauty of bespoke lies in the fact that you design the details.  Knowing where to start, however, can be complex – here is a guide of what to expect and to take into account when considering your first bespoke staircase.

Staircase Shaping

While many homes benefit from simple staircase shapes as they can easily complement minimal design strategy – the allure of spiral or helical staircases is very strong indeed.  Things to bear in mind when considering the shape of your prospective staircase include not only the right look and material to be used – but also the space that is readily available to support it.  Complex shaping can be implemented with ease providing you have expert support – though do consider that complexity and materials used can impact on practicality as well as cost.

The Importance of Stair Treads

Blue Steel Staircase with Wooden Steps

Stair treads make up the majority of what the eye can see when approaching a staircase – meaning that the material you opt for here will be highly dependent upon your own sense of aesthetics.  However, you should also consider some of the less common materials currently being used to liven up contemporary and classical interiors.  Modern homes boast toughened glass treads (coupled with stylish balustrades can offer incredible transparency), while those opting for a more classical look may house wooden treads – you can even introduce stone or granite as part of a truly unique approach.

Supporting Yourself

When it comes to implementing bespoke staircases that could be considered a rather complex shape, it is not space alone that needs to be planned for in advance.  You may also need to consider the types of support and foundation that are used to hold everything up – and as staircase supports can impact upon the overall look of an installation, you will need to weigh in on a practical system that also appeals to your eye.  Steel and timber are considered some of the most popular options – though others are available, and your choice is ultimately your own.

Stannington Staircase with Steel Wood and Glass

Planning Permission 

It is essential that bespoke staircases are only installed when relevant building permissions are obtained (where applicable).  This means that more complex or advanced design choices may be at risk from being restricted – though your design team will be able to advise on any limitations to be expected.  Going bespoke means being aware and prepared for any potential restriction – though if all permissions can be obtained and if there is enough space to accommodate your design, you can be assured that it will go ahead without any difficulty.

Which Bespoke Design is Right For You?

Choosing the right elements for your bespoke staircase largely depends upon your personal tastes – though you must also consider practicality as well as budgeting before making any concrete decisions.  Our team at Elysion Ltd will help you to find a look which not only fits your aesthetic, but the available space in your home too – meaning that before we begin fabrication, we will help you create your own staircase that is guaranteed to install safely and to building regulations.

Stair and landing structural glass balustrade

We Can Help!

Building a bespoke staircase starts with you – let us help make your dream staircase become a reality, from design to installation. Call Elysion Ltd today on 01629 820030 or email us to learn more.

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The staircase that you created is fantastic and perfectly in keeping with our barn. I would definitely recommend Elysion to anyone looking for a similar service, many thanks.
Richard, Oxford