Glass Balustrade: How to improve the look of your home or business

All glass stair and landing banister (1)

Give your home a modern feel with a Glass Banister

Glass can be a great addition to your contemporary home, adding a sense of luxury which you don’t always get from other materials. You will find that more and more buildings are incorporating glass into their design, as it offers a luxury touch and a feel of sophistication to any building.

Not only does glass look great as a centrepiece for your home, it also compliments other materials and can easily be fitted around, and to match, existing décor.

Installing a glass banister into your home or business will guarantee to create an interior you are proud of, and can show off to your visitors – not to mention that it will attract buyers, should you come to sell your property.


Create the illusion of a larger space

Unlike opaque materials such as wood and metal, which will block out light and make your space feel smaller, glass is a great material for a balustrade as it lets in natural light. Not only does allowing natural light to get into your premises save you money on electricity bills, it can also give you a connection to the outdoors and could actually improve your mood.

For these reasons, glass banisters and balustrades are becoming the material of choice for many home and business owners alike, creating a more open feel to your interior. This is especially important for small buildings, where rooms may appear cramped without the appearance of natural light to brighten the space and make it feel much larger.


Opt for a strong and durable material

Not only does glass add a touch of class and elegance to your home or business, it is also an extremely durable material. Glass can actually be much stronger than wood and other materials, and has benefits over other options such as its easy to clean and anti-corrosion properties.

All in all, glass is a robust construction material and is now a popular material for modern properties and a glass banister or balustrade will be a long-lasting investment for your premises.


Ash and Glass Banister Feature Staircase 2 (1)

Glass compliments other materials

If you are looking at incorporating glass into your home, but aren’t sure whether it will suit the look of your interior, you may be surprised as to how well it works with other materials. Whether you are using wood, steel, brick or any other materials in your décor, we can guarantee that we can create a glass banister which complements the other materials in your property.


Want to find out more?

If you think that glass could be the material of choice for your private or commercial property, why not speak to our professional team about our range of glass banister options and which would be the most suitable for you?

For a friendly chat with one of our team at Elysion Ltd, give us a call on 01629 820030.

Why Contemporary Staircases Work in Any Home

Why Contemporary Staircases Work in Any Home

Contemporary Glass and Steel Staircase

We have discussed at length before about the importance of a well-built, uniquely-designed staircase in the home – it’s an integral piece not only for the structure of a building, but amongst some of the more striking focal points in your home.  More and more modern homes are adopting contemporary staircase standards of varying complexity, from simple standards inspired by minimalism to more creative, artistic options which offer just as much functionality, but that little bit extra in terms of visual appeal.  Modern staircases are designed with the end user – or homeowner – in mind.  While it is understandably simple to purchase a one-size-fits-all solution on one hand, it makes much more sense to locate a custom-built model on the other.

Modern Staircases fit in any property

Contemporary Steel and Glass Staircase to Mezzanine

Modern homes aren’t always the grandiose, airy, minimalist fortresses you may see in trade magazines or on certain magazine TV productions.  Contemporary homes are varied in complexity, in size and in what they are used for.  Modern properties deserve staircases which not only supply effortless practicality, but also a sense of style and form which blends in seamlessly with any existing décor or interior layout.  Bespoke home installations and furnishings should both reflect the personality of the user and fit the atmosphere and shape of the buildings they are being introduced into.  Therefore, we cannot recommend the presence of a reliable bespoke staircase enough for any modern property worth its salt.

Contemporary staircases arrive in a variety of materials and modes – whether you are keen to adopt the perpetual trend in glass fabrication, or should you wish to dream in wood instead, a reliable architectural designer will be able to produce and suggest the perfect staircase to complement your property and to reflect your own personal tastes and style.  From mansions to multi-storey townhouses, to smaller family units and beyond – modern staircases are available in a wealth of flavours and styles – and what’s more, the right bespoke touch means you will always be able to call the shots on how you would like your final installation to appear.

Contemporary offers so many options

Contemporary U-shaped Steel Staircase

Whether you prefer the thought of wooden treads and balustrades to luxurious and contemporary glass panelling and steel hand railing, the major benefit of going modern on your staircase installation lies in the sheer flexibility and versatility available.  While you are always free to introduce touches of classical styles and ornate flourishes as you desire, modern staircase solutions are amongst the most customisable and therefore some of the most popular with homeowners and architects in search of a functional, heard-wearing focal point.

Elysion Ltd are experts in the design, fabrication and installation of staircases for any home, need or purpose.  If you have a dream staircase design in mind or would like to know more about how our team can help to bring your ideal interior design to life, call us directly on 01629 820030 – or do email us with any specific queries or desires you may have in mind.  We are passionate about creating stunning bespoke solutions which aren’t just practical means to an end – but which are inspiring focal points, too.

Steel staircases for a luxury home touch

Steel staircases for a luxury home touch

 Staircases do not merely provide a means to an end – they’re an essential focal point and centrepiece for homes all over the world.  While many may feel they solely allow us to move from one floor to another, the right staircase solution can really add character and flair to a home that other fixtures and fittings fail to achieve.  One of the most popular contemporary choices in staircase design and provision today is that of steel – particularly as they provide a unique look and functionality that can seamlessly blend with a range of décor choices and materials.

Incorporating Stylish SteelOak treads to spiral stair

Steel is widely used in home fabrication for fittings such as balconies, balustrades and even art installations – but with the right contemporary look, it can even be incorporated as part of a stunning central staircase.  From rails and balustrades to steps and internal structuring, steel is a powerful material both physically and visually – it’s popular for its clean look, its mirror properties and its sheer ease of maintenance.  Steel is extraordinarily easy to clean and maintain, making it one of the longest-lasting materials we provide for staircase designs.

A Metallic Touch

Steel can provide a timeless touch to a staircase that will weather the years to come – metallic touches have been a fairly niche, though sought-after part of the modern home aesthetic for some time now, particularly as they bring a sense of effortless luxury and glamour to any fixture and fitting.  The notion of a steel staircase may not be too forthcoming, either – meaning that you are also considering a fairly unique approach to modern interior design.  For a look that complements your home and helps you stand out from the crowd – in the best way possible – you can hardly go wrong by introducing a touch of steel into your staircase.

Bespoke DesignStair and landing structural glass balustrade

When used with soft woods and even glass, steel can be used to create a bespoke look that is generally unheard of in modern homes – and least those in the mainstream.  The look, feel and colour of steel helps to keep things neutral while giving off a definite air of luxury – meaning that you are guaranteed to create a sublime look that’s all your own with a variety of different materials that you can introduce into the mix.  For maximum transparency and the ultimate in clean, crisp looks, a staircase built from glass and steel is perfect – it’s a look that is largely used in commercial circumstances, but it’s catching on with homeowners who want to keep things crisp, clear and all while maximising natural light.

We’re Here to Help

Stannington Staircase

Elysion work with a wide range of materials and finishes, and as part of our bespoke guarantee, we are always happy to help you find your perfect look for your staircase, your living spaces and your home.  For more details on how a steel-based staircase could transform your interior design, do call us today on 01629 820030, or email with a query and we will contact you as soon as we possibly can.  Never feel restricted to choices of wood alone – add a little steel or glass and see how much difference a new staircase can make.

Elysion’s Stairwell Spiral Chandelier with Curiousa & Curiousa

New Forest HR2

Elysion’s Stairwell Spiral Chandelier with Curiousa & Curiousa

Elysion Ltd have a long established relationship with Curiousa & Curiousa, having provided the company with bespoke metalwork for their stylish lights since their foundation. We were approached by Esther, the company owner and principal designer to survey, design and install the spiral chandelier support early last year, for a prestigious new house being built overlooking the Solent in Lymington.

Our Projects


Following a site visit with Esther and her client Rachel Beckett Interiors in early summer we had to arrive at a solution for a rather challenging brief – the chandelier support had to all be as minimal as possible to transmit the maximum amount of light. They asked us whether we could actually make the suspension into a spiral shape, allowing the light through but also allowing the shades to cascade into the stairwell in a spiral formation.

After surveying the site we worked with Esther to come up with a solution that she was happy looked good but we knew would work with the site location and weight of all the 23 hand-blown glass shades that would hang from the suspension piece.

This piece had to be finished to an extremely high standard, both to compliment the exquisite jewel-like shades, and the particularly high standard of finishes on the house itself. The build also had to be structurally adequate to support the weight of the shades in the desired pattern and location. Lastly it had to allow access through the top in many positions to allow the extensive wiring to be completed and cables to be run to the incoming cable position.

The Challenges

The choice of means to suspend the chandelier itself was relatively simple – we decided to use slender stainless steel cables with yacht rigging screws – this would allow the suspension points themselves to be as visually inconspicuous as possible, provide us with a degree of tolerance and adjustment, whilst also being in keeping with the maritime nature of the properties location.

The chandelier spiral itself was more of a challenge, as we not only had to be able to manufacture it accurately to quite a complex shape, we also required access to all surfaces in order to polish and re-finish all the visible surfaces on completion of the fabrication.

Creation Time

It was decided that we would fabricate the spiral as a box section, from 3mm thick stainless steel to provide the necessary strength. Using our extensive 2D and 3D CAD skills, we proceeded to model the spiral itself, as a basic box section – from this basic model we were able to then determine the best way forward both to allow manufacture and minimise the refinishing required.Construct Process

Following this, it was to be that both the top and bottom spirals would each be laser cuts, cut directly from our CAD model – this would give us the necessary level of accuracy required to ensure that all the holes for the lights themselves were not only in the correct locations, but also the threaded spacers between top and bottom faces located and registered with each other with a very high level of accuracy. This ensured that the access sections of the top plate could be easily removed and replaced as necessary.

To accompany this, the sides of the box would be formed from flat bars – rolled as required to suit the many different radii of curves on the job, and butt welded together at the ends to provide a continuous side, before re-polishing. Close examination and tweaking of the model also allowed us to adjust the sides so that they projected past the bottom plate to give a slight lip. This allowed a little more tolerance to the fabrication, but more importantly allowed all the welding connecting the sides to the base to be completed to the inside of the tube, with no visible weld to the outside, thus making the refinishing process considerably easier.

Fabrication Process

Laser cuts and appropriate flat bars were ordered, and fabrication was commenced in the manner envisaged. Both during and on completion of the fabrication, all the welds and visible surfaces were re-finished as required, after which a trial assembly and disassembly were carried out to ensure that no distortion had occurred. Following very careful visual inspection, the completed unit was delivered to Curiousa for the installation of the light flexes and connecting cables.

Several weeks afterwards we collected the completed light ready for the installation on site following a very early start the following morning. Access to the roof-light was provided by a three storey birdcage scaffold within the stairwell, allowing safe access to all areas of the ceiling void to allow the suspension cables to be positioned easily and accurately, before the spiral chandelier itself was hung from them.

Finishing Touches

Once hung on the suspension cables, the chandelier required minimal adjustment to ensure that it was flat and level, before we dropped the light flexes for the shades and lamps to be fitted by Esther at a later date after the scaffold had been removed. Installation was completed on target by mid-morning and we set off on a four-hour return trip to our Derbyshire base.

If you found this post interesting and would like to contact Elysion Ltd regarding a project, call us today on 01629 820030

Brighten Up your Home with these 4 Staircase Lighting Ideas

Brighten up your home with these 4 staircase lighting ideas

Light is one of the most important aspects that home design can make use of. Used in the right way, it can illuminate, create illusions of space, or even transform the atmosphere of a room in its entirety. While many people opt to use lighting purely on an essential basis, it can also be used in tandem with a number of home installation options to create a truly unique look – they can be particularly effective, for instance, used hand-in-hand with a staircase installation of any type. Here are a handful of the ways in which lighting can be incorporated into your staircase design effectively.

Step Lighting
Strip LED lights in the halway stair case wall

LEDs and spot lights can be installed in the steps or treads of your stairs – making for an entrancing glow and a fantastic focal point. Staircases are traditionally positioned near the front entrance, meaning that the installation of LEDs in your treads, regardless of the type of staircase in place, will likely impact positively on any guests making an entrance. Step lighting can be built directly into or under a tread, meaning that necessary wiring and fixtures can be hidden away if necessary.

Glass Step and Tread Lighting
Strip LED lights on a marble staircase

Anyone who knows a little bit about contemporary home design will likely be well aware that glass, too, is a superb source of space enhancement. So much so that you can maximise space and light penetration by coupling internal lighting with glass treads or balustrades – if your staircase benefits from layered glass treads, LEDs can be introduced into the lowest layers, enabling the light to glow through to the top layer and beyond. If nothing else, it will encourage guests to watch their step!

Wall Lighting

Coming away from steps and treads, you can really show off your staircase with specifically positioned and installed wall lighting. These can be used sparingly along the run of a staircase to show off the architecture of each tread, or can even be employed in the form of an LED strip, which may well be more energy efficient in the long run. Either way, the purpose of wall lighting along a staircase is not just to highlight architecture – as it is also hugely effective at lighting you and your guests’ way up the stairs without fear of creating too much unwanted glare or light intrusion.

Feature or Hanging Lighting
Suspending light above the staircaseLED wall lights on a staircase

One of the perils of more complex staircase designs lies in their eschewing of light – it is recommended with tighter spirals and curves, for example, that an external hanging light, perhaps in the form of a chandelier, a cluster or orb, be installed to swing above the stairs. This way, each step is exclusively illuminated, and in such a way that you can still exhibit the architecture of your staircase without risking the loss of any vision in the process.

Here at Elysion , our teams are experts in the design, creation and provision of custom staircase and lighting solutions for homes of all shapes and sizes – if you are considering renovating your lobby, or are in the process of creating your home from scratch, our craftsmen and designers can help. For more information on our services, please call us directly on 01629 820030, or for more detailed enquiries, please email us via web form at your convenience.

5 reasons to consider getting glass flooring installed in your home

5 reasons to consider getting glass flooring installed in your home

laminated-glass-floor-with-oak-trimsWhether you have seen them on Grand designs, been to the top of Blackpool Tower or even visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona you will have seen glass floors used to give that wow factor to a situation or building that already was incredible. Now more than ever you can bring this effect into your home, letting sunlight into dark rooms, or making the most of elevated views and perspectives, or even introduce the changing light effects of the Sun’s rays throughout the day into rooms where it would be impossible to provide daylight without the benefit of glass floors.

More and more designers are using glass as an alternative to wood and concrete products as it can offer equal or even greater strength properties with the use of both toughened glass and laminates. Laminated glass was originally marketed as Safety glass and today is used on all car windscreens. It is made by sandwiching layers of glass with Polyvinyl Butyl (PVB) or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), or even high strength SGP interlayers. This makes a shatter resistant product that has incredible strength, allowing its use in a myriad of structural situations – For instance laminated windows are used in geographical areas requiring hurricane-resistant construction. The prime benefit of laminated glass is that in the event of a layer or ply breaking, the glass panel still retains a percentage of its inherent strength, and the broken glass is restrained in place by the interlayer.

Why you should want themsandblasted-and-laminated-glass-panel

Naturally bright rooms and areas give the effect of size and space, and increasingly it becomes harder with planning constrictions for architects to introduce extra light to a building, especially a conversion, renovation or even a new build. This is where they have to be clever and “borrow” or maximise available light, using open plan rooms, glazed doors, open tread stairs or even glass stairs. This is where Elysion can help with the design, manufacture and installation of glass floor panels, or even glass walkways and bridges. These enable light to be transmitted from one floor to another, maximising the light and illuminating the floors below. The added benefits of natural light is that feel good feeling of the sunlight streaming through the building on a summers morning, and the obvious energy saving of not having to constantly use electric lights.

Good and bad

Various levels of privacy can be introduced to the Glass flooring – from total or partial obscurity using sand blasting to tinting in various tones, and even incorporating panels of switchable magic glass. Floor Glass can be used for a large area or combined into tiled, wooden or even concrete floors and can be walked over exactly the same as any other flooring in the building. Where a property has a basement that extends beyond the boundaries of the main building an external glass floor panel can be incorporated into the patio or decking area in the garden, providing natural light into the subterranean room whilst not encroaching on the entertaining area above.


The team at Elysion will be more than happy to discuss your Glass floor, bridge or even staircase with you, so call us now on  or contact us via our web form, and together we hope we can introduce more light into your project.

Here at Elysion we pride ourselves on customer service, so if there is anything we can do for you then don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01629 820030, or via our webform.

The effects of a glass staircase in your business

The effects of a glass staircase in your business

glass staircase for your businessGone are the days of staircases having to be made from wood or timber – while high-quality wood product can still offer a spectacular look at home and in the office if used correctly, there has been a significant shift to more contemporary material in staircase design in recent years, particularly on the commercial side.  Offices and public buildings in 2016 will now largely be adorned with stainless steel and glass staircases, benefiting from glass balustrades and the occasional wooden railing – but why is this, and why should you be considering the merits of a glass staircase for your business?

Why they are so effective

Businesses opt for glass staircases not only for their professional sheen and clean, crisp look, but also for the amount of space they create.  Glass and mirror affectations can create the illusion of an incredible amount of extra space where it may not necessarily reside – and the aim of a business is, of course, to impress and to help customers, potential clients feel comfortable in their surroundings.  The thought of a wooden staircase in the office seems a little odd in today’s climate – and while they may work particularly well in certain homes and buildings, there is genuine appeal to installing a glass staircase in your office establishment, and much of its benefits work on a psychological level.

Glass staircases not only create the illusion of space, but also inspire trust – transparency in your fittings and fixtures inspires transparency in your business and dealings.  Similarly with open plan office installations and glass walls, if everything can be seen, you have nothing to hide from your potential clients and customers.  Glass fittings and fixtures can appear clinical if used in a certain way, but this is by no means a bad thing – as a clinical look can also inspire trust.  Many offices opt to ape the look of hospitals and doctors’ surgeries in order to create an assurance of dependability.  You will be surprised just how important making an impression with your internal fittings can be, particularly when you are trying to engage with a new client or potential business partner.  As with all walks of life, creating that big first impression is essential – and an effective glass staircase made to a bespoke design can really leave a positive and memorable imprint on your clients and customers alike – it is not just a connection between floors in your building!

Where to get commercial staircasesFully framed glass helical stair treads

Elysion’s talented team of designers and craftsmen have years of experience in providing bespoke home and office solutions to a wide range of clients, from staircases and balustrades to balconies and office fittings.  For more information on the services we provide and how we can help transform your business’ appearance to the public, please call us today on 01629 820030, or for more detailed queries please do not hesitate to put any concerns you have to our team via our web form.  We aim to respond to you as soon as we possibly can.

Glass staircases – the perfect centerpiece for your home

Glass staircases – the perfect centerpiece for your home

There are no two ways to help make a home look more contemporary, as there are a whole host of designs and styles available for fixtures and fittings that could all be considered ‘modern’ – but contemporary design has consciously moved away from the overly ornate or flowery looks of old, instead focusing on simplicity and visibility. Staircases and other internal fittings of old may be considered too stuffy or over the top for many homeowners who are keen to opt for a clean, visually striking but essentially simple look – and the staircase is often the best place to start when considering a redesign.

What a powerful staircase can do for youhome glass staircase centrepiece

Your staircase is one of the most commanding features of your home, as it’s available for all to see when guests visit – meaning that the style, shape and construction you choose will highly impact upon your home’s atmosphere. It should never be underestimated! While some homeowners opt for spiral staircases with ornate flourishes in dark, treated wood, others may go for a staircase that’s barely there – pale, simple wooden steps with stainless steel balustrades – offering an entirely different look and contributing to an entirely different atmosphere. An option that many may not have considered when picking out a staircase is glass – in that the entire fitting can be built from reinforced material to offer a truly unique and transparent look.

The idea of installing a glass staircase may seem like a luxury beyond your wildest dreams – but it is completely achievable with the right manufacturers, the right material and effective processes. Elysion have worked closely with glass and steel manufacture over several years with many different homeowners, each looking for a different style or atmosphere to be cultivated – and we feel that the addition of a glass staircase is one that can really transform your existing home into a contemporary focal point for guests, family members and friends alike.

Will a glass staircase go with my home?

A glass staircase will work well in minimal surroundings and with a plethora of different styles and colours, and will provide your home with a visually stunning centrepiece that will act as more than purely a connection between floors. Our team are able to design and create bespoke staircases and fittings of all shapes, sizes and materials, meaning that if you are keen to try a glass staircase that spirals, we will be more than happy to help incorporate it for you into your final home design.

If you’re intrigued about the premise of a glass staircase and would like to know more about how Elysion can help make such changes to your home, call us today on 01629 820030 or email via our web form – and we will happily discuss any concerns, ideas or queries you may have – allow us to take as much of the reins from your home design project as you possibly need, and we will ensure to keep you involved at the heart of proceedings from beginning to end. In no time at all, you could have a stunning glass staircase that flatters and inspires in equal measure.

Elegant staircases for a contemporary home

Elegant staircases for a contemporary home

A staircase is more than just a fitting – and more than just a way of moving from one floor to another – in many houses, it’s often the first thing that guests will notice, setting the tone for both the rest of the home and the atmosphere within. Many homes of old will have been fitted with simple, sturdy but otherwise fairly standard staircase installations, purely to provide a means of getting from A to B – but when looking to design and build a truly contemporary home that will inspire guests as soon as they enter, you can do no wrong than consider some alternative options for the stairs in your property.

Modern staircases don’t need to be cold, uninviting or clinical – far from it – the staircases you’ll find in a public business, for example, will likely be vastly different from those that a contemporary home will play host to. The benefit of partnering with a firm that can confidently work with a wide range of materials, styles and that has an open mind with regard to visual design and manufacture is that there really is no limit to your own imagination and desires when it comes to going contemporary. Providing that your staircase design is in line with building regulations and can be safely supported and used by its patrons, there should be no restrictions on how elegant or contemporary you’d like your staircase to be.

What staircase fits you?

Bifurcated stair Oak treads & handrails, structural glass

But what if you’re struggling for ideas? Why not consider looking into the past – while it may seem odd that styles from distant history have influence upon contemporary design, it’s commonplace across all forms of art, fashion and architecture – design moves forward by learning from and taking a little from what has worked so well in years gone by. Spiral staircases, for example, previously seen as luxurious, lavish and only ever available to the very upper classes, can be considered highly-sought after in modern homes – with a number of contemporary twists, such as the material that they are made from. Ever considered opting for a spiral staircase made of stainless steel, embellished with glass balustrades? When designed well, this can make for a stunning and memorable centrepiece for the right home – and having worked on thousands of bespoke projects over the years, we are no strangers to trying different ideas.

An elegant and effective contemporary staircase should be one that functions as well as flatters – one that makes the most of its space, appeals to the eye and provides a superb addition to an even greater whole. The style of your staircase is, of course, always down to you – but with the right team of experts in design and manufacture behind you, you’ll have even more support in getting the best possible staircase fitted to suit your needs, wants and environment.

For more information on how our team can help design, create and produce stunning unique staircases and other interior fittings for a contemporary home, call Elysion today on 01629 820030 or email us via our web form – and one of our team will contact you at your convenience.