Glass Balustrade: How to improve the look of your home or business

All glass stair and landing banister (1)

Give your home a modern feel with a Glass Banister

Glass can be a great addition to your contemporary home, adding a sense of luxury which you don’t always get from other materials. You will find that more and more buildings are incorporating glass into their design, as it offers a luxury touch and a feel of sophistication to any building.

Not only does glass look great as a centrepiece for your home, it also compliments other materials and can easily be fitted around, and to match, existing décor.

Installing a glass banister into your home or business will guarantee to create an interior you are proud of, and can show off to your visitors – not to mention that it will attract buyers, should you come to sell your property.


Create the illusion of a larger space

Unlike opaque materials such as wood and metal, which will block out light and make your space feel smaller, glass is a great material for a balustrade as it lets in natural light. Not only does allowing natural light to get into your premises save you money on electricity bills, it can also give you a connection to the outdoors and could actually improve your mood.

For these reasons, glass banisters and balustrades are becoming the material of choice for many home and business owners alike, creating a more open feel to your interior. This is especially important for small buildings, where rooms may appear cramped without the appearance of natural light to brighten the space and make it feel much larger.


Opt for a strong and durable material

Not only does glass add a touch of class and elegance to your home or business, it is also an extremely durable material. Glass can actually be much stronger than wood and other materials, and has benefits over other options such as its easy to clean and anti-corrosion properties.

All in all, glass is a robust construction material and is now a popular material for modern properties and a glass banister or balustrade will be a long-lasting investment for your premises.


Ash and Glass Banister Feature Staircase 2 (1)

Glass compliments other materials

If you are looking at incorporating glass into your home, but aren’t sure whether it will suit the look of your interior, you may be surprised as to how well it works with other materials. Whether you are using wood, steel, brick or any other materials in your décor, we can guarantee that we can create a glass banister which complements the other materials in your property.


Want to find out more?

If you think that glass could be the material of choice for your private or commercial property, why not speak to our professional team about our range of glass banister options and which would be the most suitable for you?

For a friendly chat with one of our team at Elysion Ltd, give us a call on 01629 820030.

Open Up Your Interior with Glass Doors

Open Up Your Interior with Glass Doors

Glass Door & ScreenGlass has gradually become the go-to material and resource for fabricators and installers alike, as well as one which has inspired homeowners all over the world.  Glass is an absolute marvel to work with and to introduce as part of any contemporary home design. Its main appeal lies in the very fact that it is effortlessly luxurious, and that it is incredibly flexible and versatile.  Versatility should be at the forefront of any modern home design, and therefore, we at Elysion Ltd are always keen to show our clients the best ways in which you can really make use of the resource.  Glass doors, for one, are particularly useful as part of modern home installations for a variety of reasons.

Glass In Any Interior

While many homes across the UK still make use of traditional wood and panel door installations, many more are taking advantage of the benefits of introducing glass into their properties – beyond traditional window systems.  Frameless glass doors are not only simple to use and to maintain, but are also wonderful to introduce as part of any contemporary home space.  Those looking for luxury need consider no other material nor resource – particularly as glass doors can be designed and installed for a variety of reasons and purposes.  While glass doors can often be seen as part of kitchen or bathroom designs, it is becoming more and more commonplace to see sliding units and traditional glass doors introduced as part of dining room and lounge spaces.

Get More Natural Light with Glass

Bracket fixed toughened glass bathroom divider screenIf privacy is a major concern, glass doors can also be frosted to ensure that things are kept out of sight.  One of the main benefits to glass door installations, and glass in general within contemporary design, is that natural light is encouraged to travel further than ever before.  Crisp, clear, transparent glass solutions allow sunlight to flow through your home where you need it the most – meaning that you no longer have to hide your rooms behind stuffy wooden doors or solid walls.  Glass doors work perfectly in tandem with walls and units making use of the same material – and you may choose to either completely convert a room or space into glass, or to merely use it in touches here and there.  As bespoke designers, fabricators and installers, we understand that no two home designs are ever going to be quite the same.

Toughened glass is extremely resilient and makes for the perfect door installation.  Doors, of course, are regularly used and are therefore expected to see considerable traffic on a daily basis.  Glass doors therefore need to be designed not only with aesthetics and style in mind, but also with durability and ease of use.  Rest assured, we will always work closely with you to achieve exactly what you want and need.

Elysion Ltd are renowned home designers and installers – we work closely with homes and businesses to create unique spaces which are both stunning and effortlessly practical in equal measure.  For more information on glass doors and how we can help to re-imagine your contemporary space, call our team today on 01629 820030– or email us with any queries you may have at your convenience.

Why Contemporary Staircases Work in Any Home

Why Contemporary Staircases Work in Any Home

Contemporary Glass and Steel Staircase

We have discussed at length before about the importance of a well-built, uniquely-designed staircase in the home – it’s an integral piece not only for the structure of a building, but amongst some of the more striking focal points in your home.  More and more modern homes are adopting contemporary staircase standards of varying complexity, from simple standards inspired by minimalism to more creative, artistic options which offer just as much functionality, but that little bit extra in terms of visual appeal.  Modern staircases are designed with the end user – or homeowner – in mind.  While it is understandably simple to purchase a one-size-fits-all solution on one hand, it makes much more sense to locate a custom-built model on the other.

Modern Staircases fit in any property

Contemporary Steel and Glass Staircase to Mezzanine

Modern homes aren’t always the grandiose, airy, minimalist fortresses you may see in trade magazines or on certain magazine TV productions.  Contemporary homes are varied in complexity, in size and in what they are used for.  Modern properties deserve staircases which not only supply effortless practicality, but also a sense of style and form which blends in seamlessly with any existing décor or interior layout.  Bespoke home installations and furnishings should both reflect the personality of the user and fit the atmosphere and shape of the buildings they are being introduced into.  Therefore, we cannot recommend the presence of a reliable bespoke staircase enough for any modern property worth its salt.

Contemporary staircases arrive in a variety of materials and modes – whether you are keen to adopt the perpetual trend in glass fabrication, or should you wish to dream in wood instead, a reliable architectural designer will be able to produce and suggest the perfect staircase to complement your property and to reflect your own personal tastes and style.  From mansions to multi-storey townhouses, to smaller family units and beyond – modern staircases are available in a wealth of flavours and styles – and what’s more, the right bespoke touch means you will always be able to call the shots on how you would like your final installation to appear.

Contemporary offers so many options

Contemporary U-shaped Steel Staircase

Whether you prefer the thought of wooden treads and balustrades to luxurious and contemporary glass panelling and steel hand railing, the major benefit of going modern on your staircase installation lies in the sheer flexibility and versatility available.  While you are always free to introduce touches of classical styles and ornate flourishes as you desire, modern staircase solutions are amongst the most customisable and therefore some of the most popular with homeowners and architects in search of a functional, heard-wearing focal point.

Elysion Ltd are experts in the design, fabrication and installation of staircases for any home, need or purpose.  If you have a dream staircase design in mind or would like to know more about how our team can help to bring your ideal interior design to life, call us directly on 01629 820030 – or do email us with any specific queries or desires you may have in mind.  We are passionate about creating stunning bespoke solutions which aren’t just practical means to an end – but which are inspiring focal points, too.

6 Reasons to Choose Glass Balustrading

6 Reasons to Choose Glass Balustrading

Interior Glass balustrading with a professional finish

Glass balustrading is a luxury, durable option for both safety and interior design embellishment across homes and businesses the world over.  Modern properties and commercial premises opt for glass balustrades for a variety of reasons – and here are some points you may wish to consider if you’re interested in bringing this particular feature into your new interior design plan.

Versatility in Design

Glass has long been a favoured material of designers and fabricators everywhere thanks to its unique properties and spectacular strength.  For complex designs, curves and more besides, glass balustrading can be toughened and moulded to suit your design choices – and Elysion will be able to help you craft the ideal look for your needs.

Glass balustrading on one side of a staircase

Unbeatable Style

Whether interior or exterior, glass has that timeless, luxury appeal despite it being relatively easy to come by and to use – incredible glass balustrading can be crafted with a variety of types and styles, and our team will always be happy to discuss and bring to life any fabrication ideas and desires you may have.


Glass has a false reputation in some quarters for being fragile – this is not the case when it comes to interior design.  Modern processes and technology used to toughen and laminate bespoke glass balustrading will ensure that you always return with a unique installation which is guaranteed to weather the years to come.  Elysion can work with a range of coatings, laminates and finishes to your specific needs.

Low Maintenance

Glass is – fairly obviously – very easy to clean and maintain.  Unlike wooden installations where regular polishing and careful maintenance is key, glass balustrading looks effortlessly spectacular with simple cleaning and regular care. We have a range of low maintenance glass options available for all our clients if that is a preferred option.

Simple Installation

Glass balustrade is quick to install, – and when it comes to glass balustrades, our team of specialists will be able to seamlessly install and implement accurate, straightforward systems for you with minimal disruption.

A Timeless Look

Staircase glass balustrading for a businessGlass has lasted the millennia – and while certain styles and trends have come and gone, there is no sign of glass balustrading, or glass in interior design in general, fading out of fashion.  Adding incredible value to your home or premises, timeless glass balustrades will offer a luxurious touch to any property for years to come.

Elysion Ltd are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of impeccable luxury interior decoration and furnishings – glass balustrading is only the beginning.  Please take a closer look at our portfolio or call our team today on 01629 820030 to learn more about how we can bring unique, gleaming glass balustrades into your new home or office design.  Alternatively, please email us with any queries you may have.

5 myths about Glass Floors you need to know about

5 myths about Glass Floors you need to know about

glass floorMyth #1 – Glass floor panels can only be used for a small area of flooring

When glass flooring panels are fitted, the supporting structure is made to suit the job. This means that if you require a larger area of glass flooring, longer supporting structures ensure that the floor is still adequately supported. So don’t be put off using glass if you are wanting a larger flooring area – hire a professional like Elysion Ltd and it can be fitted to work just as well as any other materials!

Myth #2 – Glass floors are weaker than ones supported by wooden joists

Many people have the impression that floors supported by wood joists are much stronger, and there is often a fear of safety when thinking about glass flooring – however there is no need to worry! Our glass floors are built to last, with multiple panels used for larger areas in addition to a steel, stainless steel or timber frame to ensure it is supported. As surprising as this may be, we can actually supply laminated glass beams to support glass flooring panels.

laminated glass floorMyth #3 – Bad weather can make glass floors slippery and unsafe to walk on

When people think of glass flooring, the first thing they often worry about is safety – is glass flooring prone to causing injuryies? We’re here to reassure you that all our glass flooring has a non-slip surface, which is achieved by sandblasting for internal use, or with a grit fused top for external use. This means that even if your glass floor is wet from rain or snow, it shouldn’t be any more dangerous than other flooring materials.

Myth #4 – Glass floors can’t be used outdoors

Glass flooring used outside can be an impressive addition to your garden, and more and more people are now veering towards glass flooring over the traditional wooden decking, which requires more maintenance and doesn’t look its best for long!


glass flooringMyth #5 – It is impossible to get any privacy as all glass floors are see-through

It is a common worry that having glass floors will take away any privacy in your home or business, however this doesn’t have to be the case. By using a frosted or etched finish to the glass, light will still be able to get through, but you will still get the privacy you require. Using glass flooring will enable your interior to look bigger and lighter, as the light is not being blocked by an opaque floor. In addition switchable glass interlayers can be used that turn the glass opaque at the flick of a switch.

Get in contact with Elysion Ltd today!

If your queries about glass flooring have been answered and you are ready to find out more about what glass solutions we have for you, get in contact with Elysion Ltd on 01629 820030.

The Right Bespoke Staircase For You

The Right Bespoke Staircase For You

Glass and Steel Staircase

Choosing the right style of staircase installation for you and your home can be dependent upon many factors – and one of the major benefits of opting for bespoke design lies in the fact that there is a wealth of opportunity and versatility open to you.  The right bespoke staircase for you is one which should reflect your personality, your existing home décor, and your own personal sense of aesthetics – the beauty of bespoke lies in the fact that you design the details.  Knowing where to start, however, can be complex – here is a guide of what to expect and to take into account when considering your first bespoke staircase.

Staircase Shaping

While many homes benefit from simple staircase shapes as they can easily complement minimal design strategy – the allure of spiral or helical staircases is very strong indeed.  Things to bear in mind when considering the shape of your prospective staircase include not only the right look and material to be used – but also the space that is readily available to support it.  Complex shaping can be implemented with ease providing you have expert support – though do consider that complexity and materials used can impact on practicality as well as cost.

The Importance of Stair Treads

Blue Steel Staircase with Wooden Steps

Stair treads make up the majority of what the eye can see when approaching a staircase – meaning that the material you opt for here will be highly dependent upon your own sense of aesthetics.  However, you should also consider some of the less common materials currently being used to liven up contemporary and classical interiors.  Modern homes boast toughened glass treads (coupled with stylish balustrades can offer incredible transparency), while those opting for a more classical look may house wooden treads – you can even introduce stone or granite as part of a truly unique approach.

Supporting Yourself

When it comes to implementing bespoke staircases that could be considered a rather complex shape, it is not space alone that needs to be planned for in advance.  You may also need to consider the types of support and foundation that are used to hold everything up – and as staircase supports can impact upon the overall look of an installation, you will need to weigh in on a practical system that also appeals to your eye.  Steel and timber are considered some of the most popular options – though others are available, and your choice is ultimately your own.

Stannington Staircase with Steel Wood and Glass

Planning Permission 

It is essential that bespoke staircases are only installed when relevant building permissions are obtained (where applicable).  This means that more complex or advanced design choices may be at risk from being restricted – though your design team will be able to advise on any limitations to be expected.  Going bespoke means being aware and prepared for any potential restriction – though if all permissions can be obtained and if there is enough space to accommodate your design, you can be assured that it will go ahead without any difficulty.

Which Bespoke Design is Right For You?

Choosing the right elements for your bespoke staircase largely depends upon your personal tastes – though you must also consider practicality as well as budgeting before making any concrete decisions.  Our team at Elysion Ltd will help you to find a look which not only fits your aesthetic, but the available space in your home too – meaning that before we begin fabrication, we will help you create your own staircase that is guaranteed to install safely and to building regulations.

Stair and landing structural glass balustrade

We Can Help!

Building a bespoke staircase starts with you – let us help make your dream staircase become a reality, from design to installation. Call Elysion Ltd today on 01629 820030 or email us to learn more.

Choosing the right balcony for you

Choosing the right balcony for you

Glass Juliet BalconyAny homeowner who knows more than a little about architecture and design will likely be well aware of the different types of balcony available for installation.  Many homes already come complete with either Juliet or walk-on balconies, and there are of course a host of reasons as to why people may wish to opt for either.  The allure of a walk-on balcony, arguably, will appeal to people more interested in hosting parties or for showing off plants and topiary – though there are more than plenty of reasons why a Juliet balcony is a worthwhile installation for your home, too.

The benefits of Juliet Balconies

Juliet balconies are traditionally installed a few inches beyond an inward-opening patio door, allowing for upper floors and high-rise apartments to gain vantage points over gardens and various features below.  They can also be used for valuable interior security support, and even as a defence against wind and other weather – dependent, of course, upon the design and material in use.  They can also be used to showcase some truly magnificent bespoke metalwork – making them a very popular choice for homeowners who are looking to cultivate a certain appeal or create a particular atmosphere.  They can be used to accompany a period look, to apply a more contemporary dash to proceedings, and above all, they can be utilised to maximise light entering the property.

Why choose a Walk-on Balcony?

Glass Balcony with screenWalk-on balconies, however, are slightly different beasts and for good reason – these types of balconies are generally sought-after by those living in high-rise apartments or on upper floors who wish to create their own exterior space.  Walk-on balconies are perfect for hosting guests during the warmer months, and they offer a huge vantage point over your garden or yard in a similar manner to Juliet models.

Walk-on balconies, too, can be crafted to bespoke modifications, meaning that they can essentially expand upon what a Juliet balcony offers with the added benefit of creating an entirely new room to use in warmer seasons.  They, too, look fantastic from an external point of view – they can be fabricated and installed to help blend in with existing décor and architecture or to stand out completely – meaning that you don’t necessarily need to bring in a completely modern touch unless you absolutely want to.  This means that, should you be looking for a more ornate or intricate design, you are very much free to enquire.

Elysion design and create superb balcony installations for homes of contemporary and traditional construction, offering bespoke design services to enable our clients to really take the reins over what their external vantage points will look like.  Whether you need added security and light from the help of a Juliet balcony – or would like to host guests in a whole new way during the spring and summer with a walk-on design, our teams will be able to put your desires at the heart of any project you take on from us.

For more information on our consultation services, expertise and for a discussion without obligation, please call us at Elysion Ltd today on 01629 820030 – or email us with an extended query at your convenience.

How a glass balustrade is a great part of any home

How a glass balustrade is a great part of any home

Glass Balustrade on landing and staircaseTraditionally used in contemporary office buildings and areas of public service, glass is arguably an interior designer’s dream.  It can be formed to help create all manner of bespoke creations fit for home and business installations.  More and more modern homes are learning about the benefits of bringing glass installations into their properties, and it is not hard to understand why.  Glass balustrades provide spectacular visual embellishment whether used as part of a contemporary staircase, an extended balcony, or even as a divider.

Contemporary home design is very much focused on glass as a primary material, and this is largely due to its incredible space-enhancing properties.  The transparency of glass allows for a clean and expansive visual effect that can help guests look out upon your garden from a balcony, can be used as part of a barrier for a pool area, or can even be used alongside wood and steel to create a bespoke staircase that is resilient and resplendent.

Why a Balustrade is an important part of the home

Glass Balustrade on Glass StaircaseIt is worth remembering that some of the most focal areas of our homes depend on balustrades.  Staircases connect rooms from one floor to another and are often one of the first fixtures people see when they enter a home.  A home with a balcony instantly earns value in the eyes of guests, particularly if it is expansive enough to hold several people and benefits from fantastic views.  Incorporating glass into your home’s existing interior design will not only enhance a sense of space and maximise the amount of light that can travel, but will also provide an effortless, luxurious sheen that previously only businesses and multi-star hotels benefited from.

Glass is still very much seen as a luxury commodity, and while some homeowners may be keen to retain a history about their home, there is much to be said for the power of a glass balustrade.  They don’t even need to be entirely transparent – balustrades in frosted, tinted, or sandblasted and toughened glass are just as popular with the homeowner looking for that contemporary veneer.  While many fear that glass is naturally fragile and that balustrades are likely to break or shatter, our teams ensure that all installations are completed in either toughened glass, or toughened and laminated glass to fully accord with both British Standards and Building Control Regulations, and calculations to support our designs can be supplied at request.  The beauty of a glass balustrade does not just lie in its outward appearance, but also in its sheer versatility of use and place in a bespoke contemporary home design.

Elysion Ltd design, manufacture and install spectacular interior solutions for homes throughout the UK, keeping our customers and their ideas at the heart of every project we take on.  For information on our services and how we can help your ideal home come to life, please email us with a detailed query or call us directly on 01629 820030 at your convenience.

5 reasons to consider getting glass flooring installed in your home

5 reasons to consider getting glass flooring installed in your home

laminated-glass-floor-with-oak-trimsWhether you have seen them on Grand designs, been to the top of Blackpool Tower or even visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona you will have seen glass floors used to give that wow factor to a situation or building that already was incredible. Now more than ever you can bring this effect into your home, letting sunlight into dark rooms, or making the most of elevated views and perspectives, or even introduce the changing light effects of the Sun’s rays throughout the day into rooms where it would be impossible to provide daylight without the benefit of glass floors.

More and more designers are using glass as an alternative to wood and concrete products as it can offer equal or even greater strength properties with the use of both toughened glass and laminates. Laminated glass was originally marketed as Safety glass and today is used on all car windscreens. It is made by sandwiching layers of glass with Polyvinyl Butyl (PVB) or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), or even high strength SGP interlayers. This makes a shatter resistant product that has incredible strength, allowing its use in a myriad of structural situations – For instance laminated windows are used in geographical areas requiring hurricane-resistant construction. The prime benefit of laminated glass is that in the event of a layer or ply breaking, the glass panel still retains a percentage of its inherent strength, and the broken glass is restrained in place by the interlayer.

Why you should want themsandblasted-and-laminated-glass-panel

Naturally bright rooms and areas give the effect of size and space, and increasingly it becomes harder with planning constrictions for architects to introduce extra light to a building, especially a conversion, renovation or even a new build. This is where they have to be clever and “borrow” or maximise available light, using open plan rooms, glazed doors, open tread stairs or even glass stairs. This is where Elysion can help with the design, manufacture and installation of glass floor panels, or even glass walkways and bridges. These enable light to be transmitted from one floor to another, maximising the light and illuminating the floors below. The added benefits of natural light is that feel good feeling of the sunlight streaming through the building on a summers morning, and the obvious energy saving of not having to constantly use electric lights.

Good and bad

Various levels of privacy can be introduced to the Glass flooring – from total or partial obscurity using sand blasting to tinting in various tones, and even incorporating panels of switchable magic glass. Floor Glass can be used for a large area or combined into tiled, wooden or even concrete floors and can be walked over exactly the same as any other flooring in the building. Where a property has a basement that extends beyond the boundaries of the main building an external glass floor panel can be incorporated into the patio or decking area in the garden, providing natural light into the subterranean room whilst not encroaching on the entertaining area above.


The team at Elysion will be more than happy to discuss your Glass floor, bridge or even staircase with you, so call us now on  or contact us via our web form, and together we hope we can introduce more light into your project.

Here at Elysion we pride ourselves on customer service, so if there is anything we can do for you then don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01629 820030, or via our webform.

Staying Modern with Glass Doors and Screens in your Home

Double glass doorsStaying Modern with Glass Doors and Screens in your Home

As time progresses, interior design has evolved far beyond the reaches of the standards of old – while brick, mortar and wood are still reliable standards as far as foundations go, many homeowners are now opting for more contemporary choices with which to decorate their inner homes.  It’s very popular to opt for clean, bright and perhaps almost clinical looks – as contemporary home design moves towards minimalism and spatial awareness over ornate flourishes.  Certainly, the adage of ‘more is better’ appears to be fading fast – while it varies from person to person just how much truly fills a home, the appeal of a glass door or screen, balustrade or staircase is quickly gaining momentum – and it’s not hard to understand why.


Joint glass wall and doorWhy Choose Glass

Glass is an extremely versatile material to work with in terms of interior home design, and as it can be reinforced and bolstered to be tougher than ever, it’s remained a popular choice for occasional touches within the home – if not completely replacing wood in some fittings such as staircases!  The concept of the glass door is nothing new – after all, the vast majority of suburban homes will benefit from partially-glass doors in kitchens and porches alike – but the idea of an entirely glass door or screen installation is becoming ever more popular with homeowners looking to capitalise on the most contemporary look for their properties.

A glass door effectively creates an additional sense of space in the way that a window does – consider a room without windows – it’s a room that suddenly feels closed off and smaller than it needs to be.  Glass doors effectively offer transparency and can help develop an open, liberated atmosphere within any home with a minimum of effort.  Popular in contemporary office buildings, the glass door is just one commercial design choice that has made the leap from work to home in the past few years.



Glass screensThis is also down to the fact that a glass door doesn’t demolish the sense of ‘home’ in the slightest – while some homeowners may be cautious about making choices that could be ‘too contemporary’, glass screens and doors maintain a homely feel without going completely into the realms of the traditional – they walk a perfectly fine line between modern and homely without straying too far into either territory.  Certainly, if maximising space and transparency within your home is at the top of your agenda, you can hardly go wrong by creating a unique atmosphere with a glass door or two in your property.

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