Open Up Your Interior with Glass Doors

Open Up Your Interior with Glass Doors

Glass Door & ScreenGlass has gradually become the go-to material and resource for fabricators and installers alike, as well as one which has inspired homeowners all over the world.  Glass is an absolute marvel to work with and to introduce as part of any contemporary home design. Its main appeal lies in the very fact that it is effortlessly luxurious, and that it is incredibly flexible and versatile.  Versatility should be at the forefront of any modern home design, and therefore, we at Elysion Ltd are always keen to show our clients the best ways in which you can really make use of the resource.  Glass doors, for one, are particularly useful as part of modern home installations for a variety of reasons.

Glass In Any Interior

While many homes across the UK still make use of traditional wood and panel door installations, many more are taking advantage of the benefits of introducing glass into their properties – beyond traditional window systems.  Frameless glass doors are not only simple to use and to maintain, but are also wonderful to introduce as part of any contemporary home space.  Those looking for luxury need consider no other material nor resource – particularly as glass doors can be designed and installed for a variety of reasons and purposes.  While glass doors can often be seen as part of kitchen or bathroom designs, it is becoming more and more commonplace to see sliding units and traditional glass doors introduced as part of dining room and lounge spaces.

Get More Natural Light with Glass

Bracket fixed toughened glass bathroom divider screenIf privacy is a major concern, glass doors can also be frosted to ensure that things are kept out of sight.  One of the main benefits to glass door installations, and glass in general within contemporary design, is that natural light is encouraged to travel further than ever before.  Crisp, clear, transparent glass solutions allow sunlight to flow through your home where you need it the most – meaning that you no longer have to hide your rooms behind stuffy wooden doors or solid walls.  Glass doors work perfectly in tandem with walls and units making use of the same material – and you may choose to either completely convert a room or space into glass, or to merely use it in touches here and there.  As bespoke designers, fabricators and installers, we understand that no two home designs are ever going to be quite the same.

Toughened glass is extremely resilient and makes for the perfect door installation.  Doors, of course, are regularly used and are therefore expected to see considerable traffic on a daily basis.  Glass doors therefore need to be designed not only with aesthetics and style in mind, but also with durability and ease of use.  Rest assured, we will always work closely with you to achieve exactly what you want and need.

Elysion Ltd are renowned home designers and installers – we work closely with homes and businesses to create unique spaces which are both stunning and effortlessly practical in equal measure.  For more information on glass doors and how we can help to re-imagine your contemporary space, call our team today on 01629 820030– or email us with any queries you may have at your convenience.

How a glass balustrade is a great part of any home

How a glass balustrade is a great part of any home

Glass Balustrade on landing and staircaseTraditionally used in contemporary office buildings and areas of public service, glass is arguably an interior designer’s dream.  It can be formed to help create all manner of bespoke creations fit for home and business installations.  More and more modern homes are learning about the benefits of bringing glass installations into their properties, and it is not hard to understand why.  Glass balustrades provide spectacular visual embellishment whether used as part of a contemporary staircase, an extended balcony, or even as a divider.

Contemporary home design is very much focused on glass as a primary material, and this is largely due to its incredible space-enhancing properties.  The transparency of glass allows for a clean and expansive visual effect that can help guests look out upon your garden from a balcony, can be used as part of a barrier for a pool area, or can even be used alongside wood and steel to create a bespoke staircase that is resilient and resplendent.

Why a Balustrade is an important part of the home

Glass Balustrade on Glass StaircaseIt is worth remembering that some of the most focal areas of our homes depend on balustrades.  Staircases connect rooms from one floor to another and are often one of the first fixtures people see when they enter a home.  A home with a balcony instantly earns value in the eyes of guests, particularly if it is expansive enough to hold several people and benefits from fantastic views.  Incorporating glass into your home’s existing interior design will not only enhance a sense of space and maximise the amount of light that can travel, but will also provide an effortless, luxurious sheen that previously only businesses and multi-star hotels benefited from.

Glass is still very much seen as a luxury commodity, and while some homeowners may be keen to retain a history about their home, there is much to be said for the power of a glass balustrade.  They don’t even need to be entirely transparent – balustrades in frosted, tinted, or sandblasted and toughened glass are just as popular with the homeowner looking for that contemporary veneer.  While many fear that glass is naturally fragile and that balustrades are likely to break or shatter, our teams ensure that all installations are completed in either toughened glass, or toughened and laminated glass to fully accord with both British Standards and Building Control Regulations, and calculations to support our designs can be supplied at request.  The beauty of a glass balustrade does not just lie in its outward appearance, but also in its sheer versatility of use and place in a bespoke contemporary home design.

Elysion Ltd design, manufacture and install spectacular interior solutions for homes throughout the UK, keeping our customers and their ideas at the heart of every project we take on.  For information on our services and how we can help your ideal home come to life, please email us with a detailed query or call us directly on 01629 820030 at your convenience.

Examples of glass solutions to inspire you

Examples of glass solutions to inspire you

If you’re thinking about starting a new project, or renovating an old design, it may be worth considering a glass solution. Glass as a construction material is becoming increasingly popular amongst architects, developers, home owners and designers; widely known for it’s modern, sleek looks, a glass design would fit perfectly into any project of all types and sizes. The use of a contemporary glass design will open up interiors and offer a clean, stylish transparency to any building, whilst creating a feel of enhanced spaciousness. If you’re still wondering how you could incorporate these designs into your home, maybe we Glass Floorcan give you some ideas.

Adding some verticality

A well designed glass installation can create anything from a striking division between floors to a bespoke, translucent staircase. When looking for a glass design with wow factor, you need not look any further. The innovative glass flooring design is sure to provide a focal point for guests as well as adding a unique twist to the standard flooring. The transparency of the material gives not only a luxurious touch to your modern home but also allows for light to flow freely, brightening up the whole space.

Sophistication and SafetyGlass Balustrade

For a truly stunning alternative to the traditional balustrade, its glass counterpart will add elegance to any room or space. Displaying both modern and contemporary features, the glass balustrade will fit perfectly into any modern home. The use of glass not only gives a clean and crisp look but also unobtrusively allows for light to fill the space, provide improved visibility and give the feeling of a much more open space.

As an alternative, the glass balustrade can also be used outdoors; the glass design makes both an excellent windbreak on roof tops or balconies but also looks especially stunning when used around a pool or decked area.

Glass Doors, Screens and Facades

Modern homes and commercial projects are seeing an increased use in glass solutions; offering a modern and sophisticated impression whilst also adding a feeling of spaciousness, with natural light being allowed to fill the room.

Glass doors are a fantastic way to transform the look of an area, adding a contemporary twist with value. Glass DoorFrameless glass partitions are often used in conjunction with such designs, usually incorporated in office spaces though these designs can also work equally well for domestic use. Toughened glass screens are a great way to create a separation between different environments, whilst still allowing for interaction and natural light throughout the area.

Where Elysion can help

If you’re feeling inspired from some of our recommendations and ideas, Elysion are here to help. It’s our job to offer a comprehensive design and manufacturing process that can be tailored to your project needs – if you require anything from telephone advice to full support we will be happy to help.

We would love to discuss your glass design ideas with you and together we hope we can introduce more light into your project; so if there is anything we can do for you then don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01629 820030, or via our webform.