Top 7 Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors

Top 7 Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors

Glass has quickly become a modern interior design trend in recent years. While it is still seen as a luxury choice, it has become more accessible to homes and families up and down the country. Some of the most spectacular uses for glass in home architecture include internal frameless glass doors. But why do so many people elect to install such doors as part of their property design? Here are some great reasons why you should consider frameless glass door solutions for your own property.

Safety First

Glass DoorWhile many may assume glass to be fragile and to shatter at a second’s notice, toughened glass is far from flimsy. Glass used to build frameless doors is in fact designed to be safer than alternative door installations. Frameless doors can have invisible tracks, which can mean there’s no obstruction, and you are less likely to experience intrusion.

Flexibility in Design

Glass is hugely popular for its flexibility and versatility when it comes to interior design. Frameless doors can be built and installed in a variety of colours and styles, as well as different applied finishes, and even incorporating other materials into the lamination.

Light Transfer

Ask anyone who has glass doors installed in their home, and they will happily tell you that they really maximise the amount of natural light that can travel from room to room. For any home in need of a little more natural illumination, frameless glass doors are a must.

Ease of Cleaning

Frameless glass is famously easy to clean and maintain. With no clumsy mechanisms or added parts, you simply have to keep your panels looking sparkling and fresh from time to time. It is a case of a few gentle sprays and wipes as opposed to stubborn cleaning and scrubbing.

Fantastic Views

structural glass doorBest of all, frameless glass doors give you an extensive look beyond your property into your garden and beyond. Completely transparent internal doors will allow you to marvel at your garden and its features without the obstruction of frames and opaque materials. For those homeowners who love to look out every now and again, glass doors are a brilliant buy.

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Adding Metalwork Features to Your Commercial Property

Adding Metalwork Features to Your Commercial Property

Corten Plate Metalwork

While no two commercial properties will ever look quite the same, there have been a number of influential trends which have emerged over the past few years.  While glasswork has been a commercial standard for many years now thanks to its transparency and flexibility for use, more and more businesses are now considering new ways to show professionalism and strength in their interior design.  Architectural metalwork is one such medium which continues to bear fruit for commercial outfits up and down the country.

Metalwork Working in Your Building

Bespoke metalwork, on an architectural basis or otherwise, offers an incredible image of strength and capability.  Metalwork is not just resistant, sturdy and reliable, it is a standard which implies steadfast professionalism.  When put to work alongside architectural glasswork and other interior design standards, metalwork can help to create unique looks and styles to help set your commercial property apart from the pack.  For unique, positive impressions to be made, you need to at least be daring in the choices you pursue.  If you haven’t considered architectural metalwork for your commercial property before, there are many reasons to start considering introducing it into your plans.

Offices, showrooms and other commercial spaces benefit from casting that all-important first impression more so than other buildings.  Your commercial space needs to be one which delivers your ethos, your passion for your trade, and your commitment to your customers and clients.  Therefore, it’s never been more important to start thinking about how to translate such professionalism on a design level.  Here at Elysion, we work with only the best architectural minds and specialists to ensure your commercial needs are always well-represented.

Making Architectural Metalwork For Your Business

Commercial Architectural MetalworkBespoke metalwork is achievable through intensive work between designers, fabricators and installers.  High quality metal is not only built to last, but is also extremely versatile.  As such, creating staircases, handrails, balustrades and even sculptures or artwork from metal has only grown easier – and more creative – over the years.  Incorporating 2D and 3D CAD into the process, you can now create your own specific metalwork designs without fear of how it will translate to the final product.  Talented designers and fabricators will be able to work together to create unique metalwork solutions which both relay your exact standards and work on a practical level.  This means that – even if you have complex ideas in mind for architectural metalwork – it is now more feasible than ever to put them into action with the right team and tools.

If you are considering remodelling your current offices or commercial building, and have already thought about bringing architectural metalwork into your space, Elysion Ltd will always be more than happy to help make these considerations work for you in practice.  Whether or not you already have designs in mind, you can call us today to arrange a consultation on 01629 820030, or email us via our web form with any information you may have to hand with regard to what you need.  We always look forward to bringing stunning architectural metalwork to a new business or office space.

Why Contemporary Staircases Work in Any Home

Why Contemporary Staircases Work in Any Home

Contemporary Glass and Steel Staircase

We have discussed at length before about the importance of a well-built, uniquely-designed staircase in the home – it’s an integral piece not only for the structure of a building, but amongst some of the more striking focal points in your home.  More and more modern homes are adopting contemporary staircase standards of varying complexity, from simple standards inspired by minimalism to more creative, artistic options which offer just as much functionality, but that little bit extra in terms of visual appeal.  Modern staircases are designed with the end user – or homeowner – in mind.  While it is understandably simple to purchase a one-size-fits-all solution on one hand, it makes much more sense to locate a custom-built model on the other.

Modern Staircases fit in any property

Contemporary Steel and Glass Staircase to Mezzanine

Modern homes aren’t always the grandiose, airy, minimalist fortresses you may see in trade magazines or on certain magazine TV productions.  Contemporary homes are varied in complexity, in size and in what they are used for.  Modern properties deserve staircases which not only supply effortless practicality, but also a sense of style and form which blends in seamlessly with any existing décor or interior layout.  Bespoke home installations and furnishings should both reflect the personality of the user and fit the atmosphere and shape of the buildings they are being introduced into.  Therefore, we cannot recommend the presence of a reliable bespoke staircase enough for any modern property worth its salt.

Contemporary staircases arrive in a variety of materials and modes – whether you are keen to adopt the perpetual trend in glass fabrication, or should you wish to dream in wood instead, a reliable architectural designer will be able to produce and suggest the perfect staircase to complement your property and to reflect your own personal tastes and style.  From mansions to multi-storey townhouses, to smaller family units and beyond – modern staircases are available in a wealth of flavours and styles – and what’s more, the right bespoke touch means you will always be able to call the shots on how you would like your final installation to appear.

Contemporary offers so many options

Contemporary U-shaped Steel Staircase

Whether you prefer the thought of wooden treads and balustrades to luxurious and contemporary glass panelling and steel hand railing, the major benefit of going modern on your staircase installation lies in the sheer flexibility and versatility available.  While you are always free to introduce touches of classical styles and ornate flourishes as you desire, modern staircase solutions are amongst the most customisable and therefore some of the most popular with homeowners and architects in search of a functional, heard-wearing focal point.

Elysion Ltd are experts in the design, fabrication and installation of staircases for any home, need or purpose.  If you have a dream staircase design in mind or would like to know more about how our team can help to bring your ideal interior design to life, call us directly on 01629 820030 – or do email us with any specific queries or desires you may have in mind.  We are passionate about creating stunning bespoke solutions which aren’t just practical means to an end – but which are inspiring focal points, too.

How a glass balustrade is a great part of any home

How a glass balustrade is a great part of any home

Glass Balustrade on landing and staircaseTraditionally used in contemporary office buildings and areas of public service, glass is arguably an interior designer’s dream.  It can be formed to help create all manner of bespoke creations fit for home and business installations.  More and more modern homes are learning about the benefits of bringing glass installations into their properties, and it is not hard to understand why.  Glass balustrades provide spectacular visual embellishment whether used as part of a contemporary staircase, an extended balcony, or even as a divider.

Contemporary home design is very much focused on glass as a primary material, and this is largely due to its incredible space-enhancing properties.  The transparency of glass allows for a clean and expansive visual effect that can help guests look out upon your garden from a balcony, can be used as part of a barrier for a pool area, or can even be used alongside wood and steel to create a bespoke staircase that is resilient and resplendent.

Why a Balustrade is an important part of the home

Glass Balustrade on Glass StaircaseIt is worth remembering that some of the most focal areas of our homes depend on balustrades.  Staircases connect rooms from one floor to another and are often one of the first fixtures people see when they enter a home.  A home with a balcony instantly earns value in the eyes of guests, particularly if it is expansive enough to hold several people and benefits from fantastic views.  Incorporating glass into your home’s existing interior design will not only enhance a sense of space and maximise the amount of light that can travel, but will also provide an effortless, luxurious sheen that previously only businesses and multi-star hotels benefited from.

Glass is still very much seen as a luxury commodity, and while some homeowners may be keen to retain a history about their home, there is much to be said for the power of a glass balustrade.  They don’t even need to be entirely transparent – balustrades in frosted, tinted, or sandblasted and toughened glass are just as popular with the homeowner looking for that contemporary veneer.  While many fear that glass is naturally fragile and that balustrades are likely to break or shatter, our teams ensure that all installations are completed in either toughened glass, or toughened and laminated glass to fully accord with both British Standards and Building Control Regulations, and calculations to support our designs can be supplied at request.  The beauty of a glass balustrade does not just lie in its outward appearance, but also in its sheer versatility of use and place in a bespoke contemporary home design.

Elysion Ltd design, manufacture and install spectacular interior solutions for homes throughout the UK, keeping our customers and their ideas at the heart of every project we take on.  For information on our services and how we can help your ideal home come to life, please email us with a detailed query or call us directly on 01629 820030 at your convenience.

Staying Modern with Glass Doors and Screens in your Home

Double glass doorsStaying Modern with Glass Doors and Screens in your Home

As time progresses, interior design has evolved far beyond the reaches of the standards of old – while brick, mortar and wood are still reliable standards as far as foundations go, many homeowners are now opting for more contemporary choices with which to decorate their inner homes.  It’s very popular to opt for clean, bright and perhaps almost clinical looks – as contemporary home design moves towards minimalism and spatial awareness over ornate flourishes.  Certainly, the adage of ‘more is better’ appears to be fading fast – while it varies from person to person just how much truly fills a home, the appeal of a glass door or screen, balustrade or staircase is quickly gaining momentum – and it’s not hard to understand why.


Joint glass wall and doorWhy Choose Glass

Glass is an extremely versatile material to work with in terms of interior home design, and as it can be reinforced and bolstered to be tougher than ever, it’s remained a popular choice for occasional touches within the home – if not completely replacing wood in some fittings such as staircases!  The concept of the glass door is nothing new – after all, the vast majority of suburban homes will benefit from partially-glass doors in kitchens and porches alike – but the idea of an entirely glass door or screen installation is becoming ever more popular with homeowners looking to capitalise on the most contemporary look for their properties.

A glass door effectively creates an additional sense of space in the way that a window does – consider a room without windows – it’s a room that suddenly feels closed off and smaller than it needs to be.  Glass doors effectively offer transparency and can help develop an open, liberated atmosphere within any home with a minimum of effort.  Popular in contemporary office buildings, the glass door is just one commercial design choice that has made the leap from work to home in the past few years.



Glass screensThis is also down to the fact that a glass door doesn’t demolish the sense of ‘home’ in the slightest – while some homeowners may be cautious about making choices that could be ‘too contemporary’, glass screens and doors maintain a homely feel without going completely into the realms of the traditional – they walk a perfectly fine line between modern and homely without straying too far into either territory.  Certainly, if maximising space and transparency within your home is at the top of your agenda, you can hardly go wrong by creating a unique atmosphere with a glass door or two in your property.

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Elysion design, manufacture and consult on a wide range of contemporary home design projects and can therefore be relied upon to provide friendly, bespoke support to anyone looking to make changes to their property – big or small.  For more information on our services, please take a further look at our online catalogue or Contact us today on 01629 820030 – and if you have an extended query that you would like us to help you with, please feel free to email us via web form at your convenience.


Glass staircases – the perfect centerpiece for your home

Glass staircases – the perfect centerpiece for your home

There are no two ways to help make a home look more contemporary, as there are a whole host of designs and styles available for fixtures and fittings that could all be considered ‘modern’ – but contemporary design has consciously moved away from the overly ornate or flowery looks of old, instead focusing on simplicity and visibility. Staircases and other internal fittings of old may be considered too stuffy or over the top for many homeowners who are keen to opt for a clean, visually striking but essentially simple look – and the staircase is often the best place to start when considering a redesign.

What a powerful staircase can do for youhome glass staircase centrepiece

Your staircase is one of the most commanding features of your home, as it’s available for all to see when guests visit – meaning that the style, shape and construction you choose will highly impact upon your home’s atmosphere. It should never be underestimated! While some homeowners opt for spiral staircases with ornate flourishes in dark, treated wood, others may go for a staircase that’s barely there – pale, simple wooden steps with stainless steel balustrades – offering an entirely different look and contributing to an entirely different atmosphere. An option that many may not have considered when picking out a staircase is glass – in that the entire fitting can be built from reinforced material to offer a truly unique and transparent look.

The idea of installing a glass staircase may seem like a luxury beyond your wildest dreams – but it is completely achievable with the right manufacturers, the right material and effective processes. Elysion have worked closely with glass and steel manufacture over several years with many different homeowners, each looking for a different style or atmosphere to be cultivated – and we feel that the addition of a glass staircase is one that can really transform your existing home into a contemporary focal point for guests, family members and friends alike.

Will a glass staircase go with my home?

A glass staircase will work well in minimal surroundings and with a plethora of different styles and colours, and will provide your home with a visually stunning centrepiece that will act as more than purely a connection between floors. Our team are able to design and create bespoke staircases and fittings of all shapes, sizes and materials, meaning that if you are keen to try a glass staircase that spirals, we will be more than happy to help incorporate it for you into your final home design.

If you’re intrigued about the premise of a glass staircase and would like to know more about how Elysion can help make such changes to your home, call us today on 01629 820030 or email via our web form – and we will happily discuss any concerns, ideas or queries you may have – allow us to take as much of the reins from your home design project as you possibly need, and we will ensure to keep you involved at the heart of proceedings from beginning to end. In no time at all, you could have a stunning glass staircase that flatters and inspires in equal measure.

Elegant staircases for a contemporary home

Elegant staircases for a contemporary home

A staircase is more than just a fitting – and more than just a way of moving from one floor to another – in many houses, it’s often the first thing that guests will notice, setting the tone for both the rest of the home and the atmosphere within. Many homes of old will have been fitted with simple, sturdy but otherwise fairly standard staircase installations, purely to provide a means of getting from A to B – but when looking to design and build a truly contemporary home that will inspire guests as soon as they enter, you can do no wrong than consider some alternative options for the stairs in your property.

Modern staircases don’t need to be cold, uninviting or clinical – far from it – the staircases you’ll find in a public business, for example, will likely be vastly different from those that a contemporary home will play host to. The benefit of partnering with a firm that can confidently work with a wide range of materials, styles and that has an open mind with regard to visual design and manufacture is that there really is no limit to your own imagination and desires when it comes to going contemporary. Providing that your staircase design is in line with building regulations and can be safely supported and used by its patrons, there should be no restrictions on how elegant or contemporary you’d like your staircase to be.

What staircase fits you?

Bifurcated stair Oak treads & handrails, structural glass

But what if you’re struggling for ideas? Why not consider looking into the past – while it may seem odd that styles from distant history have influence upon contemporary design, it’s commonplace across all forms of art, fashion and architecture – design moves forward by learning from and taking a little from what has worked so well in years gone by. Spiral staircases, for example, previously seen as luxurious, lavish and only ever available to the very upper classes, can be considered highly-sought after in modern homes – with a number of contemporary twists, such as the material that they are made from. Ever considered opting for a spiral staircase made of stainless steel, embellished with glass balustrades? When designed well, this can make for a stunning and memorable centrepiece for the right home – and having worked on thousands of bespoke projects over the years, we are no strangers to trying different ideas.

An elegant and effective contemporary staircase should be one that functions as well as flatters – one that makes the most of its space, appeals to the eye and provides a superb addition to an even greater whole. The style of your staircase is, of course, always down to you – but with the right team of experts in design and manufacture behind you, you’ll have even more support in getting the best possible staircase fitted to suit your needs, wants and environment.

For more information on how our team can help design, create and produce stunning unique staircases and other interior fittings for a contemporary home, call Elysion today on 01629 820030 or email us via our web form – and one of our team will contact you at your convenience.