Glass Balustrade: How to improve the look of your home or business

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Give your home a modern feel with a Glass Banister

Glass can be a great addition to your contemporary home, adding a sense of luxury which you don’t always get from other materials. You will find that more and more buildings are incorporating glass into their design, as it offers a luxury touch and a feel of sophistication to any building.

Not only does glass look great as a centrepiece for your home, it also compliments other materials and can easily be fitted around, and to match, existing décor.

Installing a glass banister into your home or business will guarantee to create an interior you are proud of, and can show off to your visitors – not to mention that it will attract buyers, should you come to sell your property.


Create the illusion of a larger space

Unlike opaque materials such as wood and metal, which will block out light and make your space feel smaller, glass is a great material for a balustrade as it lets in natural light. Not only does allowing natural light to get into your premises save you money on electricity bills, it can also give you a connection to the outdoors and could actually improve your mood.

For these reasons, glass banisters and balustrades are becoming the material of choice for many home and business owners alike, creating a more open feel to your interior. This is especially important for small buildings, where rooms may appear cramped without the appearance of natural light to brighten the space and make it feel much larger.


Opt for a strong and durable material

Not only does glass add a touch of class and elegance to your home or business, it is also an extremely durable material. Glass can actually be much stronger than wood and other materials, and has benefits over other options such as its easy to clean and anti-corrosion properties.

All in all, glass is a robust construction material and is now a popular material for modern properties and a glass banister or balustrade will be a long-lasting investment for your premises.


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Glass compliments other materials

If you are looking at incorporating glass into your home, but aren’t sure whether it will suit the look of your interior, you may be surprised as to how well it works with other materials. Whether you are using wood, steel, brick or any other materials in your décor, we can guarantee that we can create a glass banister which complements the other materials in your property.


Want to find out more?

If you think that glass could be the material of choice for your private or commercial property, why not speak to our professional team about our range of glass banister options and which would be the most suitable for you?

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6 Reasons to Choose Glass Balustrading

6 Reasons to Choose Glass Balustrading

Interior Glass balustrading with a professional finish

Glass balustrading is a luxury, durable option for both safety and interior design embellishment across homes and businesses the world over.  Modern properties and commercial premises opt for glass balustrades for a variety of reasons – and here are some points you may wish to consider if you’re interested in bringing this particular feature into your new interior design plan.

Versatility in Design

Glass has long been a favoured material of designers and fabricators everywhere thanks to its unique properties and spectacular strength.  For complex designs, curves and more besides, glass balustrading can be toughened and moulded to suit your design choices – and Elysion will be able to help you craft the ideal look for your needs.

Glass balustrading on one side of a staircase

Unbeatable Style

Whether interior or exterior, glass has that timeless, luxury appeal despite it being relatively easy to come by and to use – incredible glass balustrading can be crafted with a variety of types and styles, and our team will always be happy to discuss and bring to life any fabrication ideas and desires you may have.


Glass has a false reputation in some quarters for being fragile – this is not the case when it comes to interior design.  Modern processes and technology used to toughen and laminate bespoke glass balustrading will ensure that you always return with a unique installation which is guaranteed to weather the years to come.  Elysion can work with a range of coatings, laminates and finishes to your specific needs.

Low Maintenance

Glass is – fairly obviously – very easy to clean and maintain.  Unlike wooden installations where regular polishing and careful maintenance is key, glass balustrading looks effortlessly spectacular with simple cleaning and regular care. We have a range of low maintenance glass options available for all our clients if that is a preferred option.

Simple Installation

Glass balustrade is quick to install, – and when it comes to glass balustrades, our team of specialists will be able to seamlessly install and implement accurate, straightforward systems for you with minimal disruption.

A Timeless Look

Staircase glass balustrading for a businessGlass has lasted the millennia – and while certain styles and trends have come and gone, there is no sign of glass balustrading, or glass in interior design in general, fading out of fashion.  Adding incredible value to your home or premises, timeless glass balustrades will offer a luxurious touch to any property for years to come.

Elysion Ltd are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of impeccable luxury interior decoration and furnishings – glass balustrading is only the beginning.  Please take a closer look at our portfolio or call our team today on 01629 820030 to learn more about how we can bring unique, gleaming glass balustrades into your new home or office design.  Alternatively, please email us with any queries you may have.

Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Home with a Walk-on Balcony

Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Home with a Walk-on Balcony

Side view of a walk on balconyIn the warmer months, it’s highly likely that you’ll not only be looking to entertain more guests at your home, but that you’re also going to be keen to make the most of your garden and patio – everyone loves al fresco dining and drinking during the summer, and there are a number of ways in which you can facilitate this through home extension and installation.  One of the most spectacular additions you can make to your home in anticipation of summer entertaining is a walk-on balcony.

A walk-on balcony is not simply a brief extension to a window box or French window – it can really bring a luxurious touch to your home that will bring both a focal point and a practical means for you to invite more guests, or to host a garden or dinner party with a difference.  If you are proud of your garden you may wish to make the most of it with a unique vantage point, allowing you and your guests to look over while enjoying drinks, dinner and company alike.

More space for your home

Inside view of a walk on balconyWalk-on balconies, too, create a great deal more space – meaning that your home extends itself during warmer months and that you can enjoy the weather from the comfort of your own home, and with the ease of walking out from a bedroom and/or your lounge or dining room without having to traverse flights of stairs in the interim.  Everyone loves space – and you can effectively double the size of your entertaining area by taking on a walk-on balcony that’s in tune with your building style, personality and home décor.

Created specifically for you

Galvanized cantilever balcony with balustradeWalk-on balconies never come in two styles that are the same.  Our teams can work closely with you to design and create a unique balcony that both emphasise space and style while offering views across your garden and back into your home.  Employing balustrades in steel or even in glass, you can even opt for classic or contemporary twists upon the extension, cultivating an atmosphere and making for more of a focal point than ever before.  We are greatly influenced by our surroundings – and access to a walk-on balcony created in your style will make for a perfect outdoor entertainment suite as well as the optimal place for breakfast on a summer morning.

There are many things to enjoy about a walk-on balcony, and it should not be ignored that they, too, will increase the appeal of your home – to you, your guests and even to potential buyers.  A walk-on balcony is practical, stunning and can be as unique as you’d like it to be.

Get the luxurious walk-on balcony for your home today!

For more information on Elysion’s design and fabrication services for inside and outside the home, call us directly today on 01629 820030, or if you have an extended query that you would like us to attend to, simply email us via our web form at your convenience.  A member of our team will be back in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss any future plans you may have for a walk-on balcony and more.

Iron and steel balustrades: the perfect touch for your home

Iron and Steel Balustrades: The Perfect Touch for Your Home

steps and balustradeGetting the look just right for a balcony or exterior staircase isn’t easy – in many cases, designing a walk-on or feature balcony requires knowledge of practicality as well as a keen eye for contemporary flair.  The design portion can always fall to the homeowner seeking to benefit – but it takes the knowledge of an experienced manufacturing and installation firm to ensure that the best materials are used during fabrication for a balcony to be just as practical as it is visually stunning.  Popular materials used in balustrades both in and outside the home are iron and steel – not only due to their durable, weather-resistant properties, but also as a result of their flexibility.

Balustrades exterior to the home

balustrade on a garden terraceIron and steel balustrades are built to last – whether you are in need of a staircase leading up to your home or a balcony perimeter that matches the style and décor of your homestead, a balustrade or railing built from steel or iron can be depended upon to weather the years and to provide stability and security.  Balustrades, railings and staircases made from these metals are generally employed exterior to the home but can even be used in some circumstances with more contemporary options such as a glass balustrade – particularly if a homeowner is looking to create a truly unique design.

Adding that extra touch

When it comes to design, iron and steel really are your allies.  Balustrades made from these metals can be fabricated and galvanised to feature flourishes, patterns, twists and bends that playfully mimic styles dating back centuries, allowing you to bring a real touch of decadence to your home.  Iron and steel balustrades that are custom-designed can make a balcony installation all the more special, particularly if it is large enough to be walked out onto for entertaining – balustrades incorporating your own design and based upon luxurious styles and ideals of centuries gone by will really bring a talking point to any party or gathering, and best of all, they will withstand years – if not decades – of careful use.

oak handrail balustradeExternal staircases and railings, too, can be designed and created in steel or iron to produce truly unique perimeter and fencing solutions, allowing you to really imprint your personality or favourite flourishes on your home – dressing it in your chosen style to impress guests before they even set foot in your home.  Iron and steel balustrades created to order really do hold their own particular type of magnificence – and what’s more, they are flexible and versatile enough to be used in contemporary or historical reproduction design – the limits are all your own.

Get in touch!

For more information on Elysion’s home design, fabrication and installation services, please contact us today directly on 01629 820030, or if you have a more detailed enquiry you’d like to discuss, please email us via our web form at your convenience.  We will make sure to be back in touch with you as soon as we possibly can – and look forward to discussing your ideas and plans for home renovation soon.

The effects of a glass staircase in your business

The effects of a glass staircase in your business

glass staircase for your businessGone are the days of staircases having to be made from wood or timber – while high-quality wood product can still offer a spectacular look at home and in the office if used correctly, there has been a significant shift to more contemporary material in staircase design in recent years, particularly on the commercial side.  Offices and public buildings in 2016 will now largely be adorned with stainless steel and glass staircases, benefiting from glass balustrades and the occasional wooden railing – but why is this, and why should you be considering the merits of a glass staircase for your business?

Why they are so effective

Businesses opt for glass staircases not only for their professional sheen and clean, crisp look, but also for the amount of space they create.  Glass and mirror affectations can create the illusion of an incredible amount of extra space where it may not necessarily reside – and the aim of a business is, of course, to impress and to help customers, potential clients feel comfortable in their surroundings.  The thought of a wooden staircase in the office seems a little odd in today’s climate – and while they may work particularly well in certain homes and buildings, there is genuine appeal to installing a glass staircase in your office establishment, and much of its benefits work on a psychological level.

Glass staircases not only create the illusion of space, but also inspire trust – transparency in your fittings and fixtures inspires transparency in your business and dealings.  Similarly with open plan office installations and glass walls, if everything can be seen, you have nothing to hide from your potential clients and customers.  Glass fittings and fixtures can appear clinical if used in a certain way, but this is by no means a bad thing – as a clinical look can also inspire trust.  Many offices opt to ape the look of hospitals and doctors’ surgeries in order to create an assurance of dependability.  You will be surprised just how important making an impression with your internal fittings can be, particularly when you are trying to engage with a new client or potential business partner.  As with all walks of life, creating that big first impression is essential – and an effective glass staircase made to a bespoke design can really leave a positive and memorable imprint on your clients and customers alike – it is not just a connection between floors in your building!

Where to get commercial staircasesFully framed glass helical stair treads

Elysion’s talented team of designers and craftsmen have years of experience in providing bespoke home and office solutions to a wide range of clients, from staircases and balustrades to balconies and office fittings.  For more information on the services we provide and how we can help transform your business’ appearance to the public, please call us today on 01629 820030, or for more detailed queries please do not hesitate to put any concerns you have to our team via our web form.  We aim to respond to you as soon as we possibly can.

The benefits of a glass balustrade

The benefits of a glass balustrade

Cantilever Oak and Glass Staircase South Yorkshire 17Homes and businesses alike have made a number of strides in contemporary design over the years in an effort to inspire, delight and to make the best of the space that they have to offer, and when it comes to entertaining guests, meeting clients or providing services to customers, spectacular interior – and exterior – design is absolutely everything.  One of the more popular trends in home and commercial design in recent years is the use of glass – particularly when it comes to balustrades.

But why use glass?  There are a whole host of reasons.  A glass balustrade provides greater transparency, increased light and the illusion of a grander space – after all, the bigger the space, the grander the feel.  Glass balustrades can be used in a variety of locations both internally and externally, and can open up even the tightest of spaces – used in tandem with glass or steel staircases or balconies, they can be designed and used to create unique, sophisticated looks that will really offer the first impression that your home or business is looking for.

Modern, contemporary look

Glass balustrades needn’t provide a privacy issue, either – when installing them as part of a balcony or rooftop pool solution, they can be designed and crafted with frosted or tinted glass so that you can retain the sophistication and class that you are looking to bring to your property without fear of opening yourself up entirely to the world – and coloured or frosted glass can look particularly unique, too, when designed and produced for a bespoke interior balustrade or external balcony.  Essentially, it is a modern and contemporary look that is becoming increasingly popular the world over – and it is one that can be incredibly versatile.

Having a Glass balustrade

Working hand in hand with stainless steel and in framed or frameless designs, no two glass balustrades are the same – and they can also provide fantastic support as a wind break in a balcony or decking installations.  Modern glass used in interior and exterior construction is incredibly resilient and is also remarkably low maintenance, making it a look that may seem luxurious and difficult to uphold, but is in fact a style choice that is incredibly easy to install and to keep looking fantastic all year round.  Glass balustrades make a popular choice for public health providers and private businesses as they offer a sleek, clinical and uncluttered look that can help any operation appear more refined and ready to offer high quality services and support to all their clients.  Essentially, it is a look that suggests transparency, offers a greater expanse of space and can provide unique sophistication to any home or business – and glass balustrades are easier to arrange and implement than you may think.

For expert knowledge, design and support in bringing glass balustrades to your home or business, Elysion can help.  Call us today on 01629 820030 or email via our web form for more information or to arrange a consultation at your convenience – and our team will be happy to hear from you!