Double glass doorsStaying Modern with Glass Doors and Screens in your Home

As time progresses, interior design has evolved far beyond the reaches of the standards of old – while brick, mortar and wood are still reliable standards as far as foundations go, many homeowners are now opting for more contemporary choices with which to decorate their inner homes.  It’s very popular to opt for clean, bright and perhaps almost clinical looks – as contemporary home design moves towards minimalism and spatial awareness over ornate flourishes.  Certainly, the adage of ‘more is better’ appears to be fading fast – while it varies from person to person just how much truly fills a home, the appeal of a glass door or screen, balustrade or staircase is quickly gaining momentum – and it’s not hard to understand why.


Joint glass wall and doorWhy Choose Glass

Glass is an extremely versatile material to work with in terms of interior home design, and as it can be reinforced and bolstered to be tougher than ever, it’s remained a popular choice for occasional touches within the home – if not completely replacing wood in some fittings such as staircases!  The concept of the glass door is nothing new – after all, the vast majority of suburban homes will benefit from partially-glass doors in kitchens and porches alike – but the idea of an entirely glass door or screen installation is becoming ever more popular with homeowners looking to capitalise on the most contemporary look for their properties.

A glass door effectively creates an additional sense of space in the way that a window does – consider a room without windows – it’s a room that suddenly feels closed off and smaller than it needs to be.  Glass doors effectively offer transparency and can help develop an open, liberated atmosphere within any home with a minimum of effort.  Popular in contemporary office buildings, the glass door is just one commercial design choice that has made the leap from work to home in the past few years.



Glass screensThis is also down to the fact that a glass door doesn’t demolish the sense of ‘home’ in the slightest – while some homeowners may be cautious about making choices that could be ‘too contemporary’, glass screens and doors maintain a homely feel without going completely into the realms of the traditional – they walk a perfectly fine line between modern and homely without straying too far into either territory.  Certainly, if maximising space and transparency within your home is at the top of your agenda, you can hardly go wrong by creating a unique atmosphere with a glass door or two in your property.

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