Spiral Staircases

While home design and architecture trends may come and go; a product of a bygone age of decadence and ornate design are spiral staircases.  While many modern homes may now opt for a tighter, more contemporary means of connecting one floor to another, a unique staircase design continues to court popularity in both visual spectacle as well as in charming complexity.

Spiral staircases are perhaps relatively uncommon in modern housing; the desire to offer a twist or two to a traditional timber staircase installation should not go unheeded in an age when expert producers are able to design and make such fittings practical for almost any household.

There are distinctions between designing and forging standard stairs and spiral staircases – while this may be obvious, it is important that a designer and supplier is not only willing and able to understand how to bring the installation into the real world, but is also able to provide a structurally sound, practical and visually impressive staircase that satisfies the needs of the homeowner or architect to the letter.  Regardless of the material involved – wood, metal or otherwise – an understanding of the foundations as well as the ingredients is essential to the entire process.

Not all suppliers or manufacturers take on complex projects, which is why it is important to discuss designs and plans of a bespoke nature with a provider who has both expertise in unique designs and the willing to see even the most in-depth or physically challenging project through to the final installation.  It is our ethos that we believe a bespoke design should not only be one of a kind, but also one for a lifetime – and that an installation such as spiral staircases should be offered the dedication, attention and expertise that it deserves to achieve quality.


Designing your Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases is visually spectacular, not just a means of getting from one floor of the house to another – and it’s clear why the concept is fast gaining popularity in somewhat of a home design renaissance.  Whether it joins a basic mezzanine to an entrance floor or offers a stylish segue from hallway to upper landing, it is a choice of home renovation which is both striking and sophisticated – and is a superb choice if you are aiming to install, supply or create a particularly ornate look for a home or project.  After all, first impressions mean everything – and a staircase is often one of the first things your visitors will see when entering your home, modern or otherwise.

The design and manufacture of quality spiral staircases – in metal or timber – need not be complex, time-consuming or laborious – rather, we believe that offering and sharing control with the client or project manager allows for a smooth and satisfying process, allowing designs to remain as close to the original blueprints as possible, and via experienced craftsmen and the forefront of 2D and 3D CAD technology, it has become easier and easier for our team to provide a dedicated and thorough approach to any bespoke requests we receive.

Spiral staircases are striking and uncommon to many homes throughout the country, but designing and installing such an installation for your home or project need not be beyond the realms of possibility.  For a grand entrance, no matter the shape or size, let Elysion work with you to achieve the quality staircase you’ve always dreamed of.

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Based on the services you gave to us and the great feedback we have had about Elysion in the past, we would like to go ahead and order the Cantilever staircase and balustrade.
Clare, Macclesfield

The staircase that you created is fantastic and perfectly in keeping with our barn. I would definitely recommend Elysion to anyone looking for a similar service, many thanks.
Richard, Oxford