Iron and Steel Balustrades: The Perfect Touch for Your Home

steps and balustradeGetting the look just right for a balcony or exterior staircase isn’t easy – in many cases, designing a walk-on or feature balcony requires knowledge of practicality as well as a keen eye for contemporary flair.  The design portion can always fall to the homeowner seeking to benefit – but it takes the knowledge of an experienced manufacturing and installation firm to ensure that the best materials are used during fabrication for a balcony to be just as practical as it is visually stunning.  Popular materials used in balustrades both in and outside the home are iron and steel – not only due to their durable, weather-resistant properties, but also as a result of their flexibility.

Balustrades exterior to the home

balustrade on a garden terraceIron and steel balustrades are built to last – whether you are in need of a staircase leading up to your home or a balcony perimeter that matches the style and décor of your homestead, a balustrade or railing built from steel or iron can be depended upon to weather the years and to provide stability and security.  Balustrades, railings and staircases made from these metals are generally employed exterior to the home but can even be used in some circumstances with more contemporary options such as a glass balustrade – particularly if a homeowner is looking to create a truly unique design.

Adding that extra touch

When it comes to design, iron and steel really are your allies.  Balustrades made from these metals can be fabricated and galvanised to feature flourishes, patterns, twists and bends that playfully mimic styles dating back centuries, allowing you to bring a real touch of decadence to your home.  Iron and steel balustrades that are custom-designed can make a balcony installation all the more special, particularly if it is large enough to be walked out onto for entertaining – balustrades incorporating your own design and based upon luxurious styles and ideals of centuries gone by will really bring a talking point to any party or gathering, and best of all, they will withstand years – if not decades – of careful use.

oak handrail balustradeExternal staircases and railings, too, can be designed and created in steel or iron to produce truly unique perimeter and fencing solutions, allowing you to really imprint your personality or favourite flourishes on your home – dressing it in your chosen style to impress guests before they even set foot in your home.  Iron and steel balustrades created to order really do hold their own particular type of magnificence – and what’s more, they are flexible and versatile enough to be used in contemporary or historical reproduction design – the limits are all your own.

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The staircase that you created is fantastic and perfectly in keeping with our barn. I would definitely recommend Elysion to anyone looking for a similar service, many thanks.
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