Glass has quickly become a modern interior design trend in recent years. While it is still seen as a luxury choice, it has become more accessible to homes and families up and down the country. Some of the most spectacular uses for glass in home architecture include internal frameless glass doors. But why do so many people elect to install such doors as part of their property design? Here are some great reasons why you should consider frameless glass door solutions for your own property.

Safety First

Glass DoorWhile many may assume glass to be fragile and to shatter at a second’s notice, toughened glass is far from flimsy. Glass used to build frameless doors is in fact designed to be safer than alternative door installations. Frameless doors can have invisible tracks, which can mean there’s no obstruction, and you are less likely to experience intrusion.

Flexibility in Design

Glass is hugely popular for its flexibility and versatility when it comes to interior design. Frameless doors can be built and installed in a variety of colours and styles, as well as different applied finishes, and even incorporating other materials into the lamination.

Light Transfer

Ask anyone who has glass doors installed in their home, and they will happily tell you that they really maximise the amount of natural light that can travel from room to room. For any home in need of a little more natural illumination, frameless glass doors are a must.

Ease of Cleaning

Frameless glass is famously easy to clean and maintain. With no clumsy mechanisms or added parts, you simply have to keep your panels looking structural glass doorsparkling and fresh from time to time. It is a case of a few gentle sprays and wipes as opposed to stubborn cleaning and scrubbing.

Fantastic Views

Best of all, frameless glass doors give you an extensive look beyond your property into your garden and beyond. Completely transparent internal doors will allow you to marvel at your garden and its features without the obstruction of frames and opaque materials. For those homeowners who love to look out every now and again, glass doors are a brilliant buy.

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