Examples of glass solutions to inspire you

If you’re thinking about starting a new project, or renovating an old design, it may be worth considering a glass solution. Glass as a construction material is becoming increasingly popular amongst architects, developers, home owners and designers; widely known for it’s modern, sleek looks, a glass design would fit perfectly into any project of all types and sizes. The use of a contemporary glass design will open up interiors and offer a clean, stylish transparency to any building, whilst creating a feel of enhanced spaciousness. If you’re still wondering how you could incorporate these designs into your home, maybe we Glass Floorcan give you some ideas.

Adding some verticality

A well designed glass installation can create anything from a striking division between floors to a bespoke, translucent staircase. When looking for a glass design with wow factor, you need not look any further. The innovative glass flooring design is sure to provide a focal point for guests as well as adding a unique twist to the standard flooring. The transparency of the material gives not only a luxurious touch to your modern home but also allows for light to flow freely, brightening up the whole space.

Sophistication and SafetyGlass Balustrade

For a truly stunning alternative to the traditional balustrade, its glass counterpart will add elegance to any room or space. Displaying both modern and contemporary features, the glass balustrade will fit perfectly into any modern home. The use of glass not only gives a clean and crisp look but also unobtrusively allows for light to fill the space, provide improved visibility and give the feeling of a much more open space.

As an alternative, the glass balustrade can also be used outdoors; the glass design makes both an excellent windbreak on roof tops or balconies but also looks especially stunning when used around a pool or decked area.

Glass Doors, Screens and Facades

Modern homes and commercial projects are seeing an increased use in glass solutions; offering a modern and sophisticated impression whilst also adding a feeling of spaciousness, with natural light being allowed to fill the room.

Glass doors are a fantastic way to transform the look of an area, adding a contemporary twist with value. Glass DoorFrameless glass partitions are often used in conjunction with such designs, usually incorporated in office spaces though these designs can also work equally well for domestic use. Toughened glass screens are a great way to create a separation between different environments, whilst still allowing for interaction and natural light throughout the area.

Where Elysion can help

If you’re feeling inspired from some of our recommendations and ideas, Elysion are here to help. It’s our job to offer a comprehensive design and manufacturing process that can be tailored to your project needs – if you require anything from telephone advice to full support we will be happy to help.

We would love to discuss your glass design ideas with you and together we hope we can introduce more light into your project; so if there is anything we can do for you then don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01629 820030, or via our webform.


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