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A staircase is more than just a fitting – and more than just a way of moving from one floor to another – in many houses, it’s often the first thing that guests will notice, setting the tone for both the rest of the home and the atmosphere within. Many homes of old will have been fitted with simple, sturdy but otherwise fairly standard staircase installations, purely to provide a means of getting from A to B – but when looking to design and build a truly contemporary home that will inspire guests as soon as they enter, you can do no wrong than consider some alternative options for the stairs in your property.

Modern staircases don’t need to be cold, uninviting or clinical – far from it – the staircases you’ll find in a public business, for example, will likely be vastly different from those that a contemporary home will play host to. The benefit of partnering with a firm that can confidently work with a wide range of materials, styles and that has an open mind with regard to visual design and manufacture is that there really is no limit to your own imagination and desires when it comes to going contemporary. Providing that your staircase design is in line with building regulations and can be safely supported and used by its patrons, there should be no restrictions on how elegant or contemporary you’d like your staircase to be.

What staircase fits you?

Bifurcated stair Oak treads & handrails, structural glass

But what if you’re struggling for ideas? Why not consider looking into the past – while it may seem odd that styles from distant history have influence upon contemporary design, it’s commonplace across all forms of art, fashion and architecture – design moves forward by learning from and taking a little from what has worked so well in years gone by. Spiral staircases, for example, previously seen as luxurious, lavish and only ever available to the very upper classes, can be considered highly-sought after in modern homes – with a number of contemporary twists, such as the material that they are made from. Ever considered opting for a spiral staircase made of stainless steel, embellished with glass balustrades? When designed well, this can make for a stunning and memorable centrepiece for the right home – and having worked on thousands of bespoke projects over the years, we are no strangers to trying different ideas.

An elegant and effective contemporary staircase should be one that functions as well as flatters – one that makes the most of its space, appeals to the eye and provides a superb addition to an even greater whole. The style of your staircase is, of course, always down to you – but with the right team of experts in design and manufacture behind you, you’ll have even more support in getting the best possible staircase fitted to suit your needs, wants and environment.

For more information on how our team can help design, create and produce stunning unique staircases and other interior fittings for a contemporary home, call Elysion today on 01629 820030 or email us via our web form – and one of our team will contact you at your convenience.

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Steve did a top job with the stainless steel barrier. The work was so good that the boss, Ian, would like you to provide a quote for another other style barrier.
Darren, Derby

The staircase that you created is fantastic and perfectly in keeping with our barn. I would definitely recommend Elysion to anyone looking for a similar service, many thanks.
Richard, Oxford