Choosing the right balcony for you

Glass Juliet BalconyAny homeowner who knows more than a little about architecture and design will likely be well aware of the different types of balcony available for installation.  Many homes already come complete with either Juliet or walk-on balconies, and there are of course a host of reasons as to why people may wish to opt for either.  The allure of a walk-on balcony, arguably, will appeal to people more interested in hosting parties or for showing off plants and topiary – though there are more than plenty of reasons why a Juliet balcony is a worthwhile installation for your home, too.

The benefits of Juliet Balconies

Juliet balconies are traditionally installed a few inches beyond an inward-opening patio door, allowing for upper floors and high-rise apartments to gain vantage points over gardens and various features below.  They can also be used for valuable interior security support, and even as a defence against wind and other weather – dependent, of course, upon the design and material in use.  They can also be used to showcase some truly magnificent bespoke metalwork – making them a very popular choice for homeowners who are looking to cultivate a certain appeal or create a particular atmosphere.  They can be used to accompany a period look, to apply a more contemporary dash to proceedings, and above all, they can be utilised to maximise light entering the property.

Why choose a Walk-on Balcony?

Glass Balcony with screenWalk-on balconies, however, are slightly different beasts and for good reason – these types of balconies are generally sought-after by those living in high-rise apartments or on upper floors who wish to create their own exterior space.  Walk-on balconies are perfect for hosting guests during the warmer months, and they offer a huge vantage point over your garden or yard in a similar manner to Juliet models.

Walk-on balconies, too, can be crafted to bespoke modifications, meaning that they can essentially expand upon what a Juliet balcony offers with the added benefit of creating an entirely new room to use in warmer seasons.  They, too, look fantastic from an external point of view – they can be fabricated and installed to help blend in with existing décor and architecture or to stand out completely – meaning that you don’t necessarily need to bring in a completely modern touch unless you absolutely want to.  This means that, should you be looking for a more ornate or intricate design, you are very much free to enquire.

Elysion design and create superb balcony installations for homes of contemporary and traditional construction, offering bespoke design services to enable our clients to really take the reins over what their external vantage points will look like.  Whether you need added security and light from the help of a Juliet balcony – or would like to host guests in a whole new way during the spring and summer with a walk-on design, our teams will be able to put your desires at the heart of any project you take on from us.

For more information on our consultation services, expertise and for a discussion without obligation, please call us at Elysion Ltd today on 01629 820030 – or email us with an extended query at your convenience.

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