The Benefits of a Glass Juliet Balcony

The Benefits of a Glass Juliet BalconyGlass Juliet Balcony

Though there are many different types of balcony which can be installed to complement and to extend a property, one of the more popular contemporary options – as it has evolved – is the Juliet model, which effectively allows the user to enjoy views from their first floor rooms across their gardens and yards with ease. Unlike walk-on balconies, the Juliet model is simple and allows for a basic vantage point – making it a smaller, neater installation, though also a perfect choice for anyone hoping to make the most of views across the way. At Elysion, we more than recommend contemporary Juliet balconies for those homes looking to monopolise on views across gardens and courtyards – though we are also available to support more ornate flourishes and styles where requested, too.

Popular for homes and commercial premises

Glass Juliet balconies, however, are perhaps the most contemporary of standards we currently design, supply and install. Glass installations for both home and commercial premises have never been more popular nor more widely available to UK markets – and there are many reasons why both homeowners and fabricators enjoy implementing the material as part of a variety of modern designs. Glass is versatile, it carries an effortless, luxurious touch – and its transparency inspires a greater feeling of space as well as more room for light to travel. It’s the perfect choice for a balcony installation, Juliet or otherwise, and as such, we more than recommend taking a glass Juliet balcony into consideration.

Safety is top priority Window Guard

The benefits are far-reaching – glass is the least obstructive of any material used in home design and architecture, and, as such, it offers you maximum views of your garden area – no views are hidden from sight, meaning that even from a seated level, you can make full use of the balcony and its perfect vantage point. Juliet balconies are also well-regarded for the security that they can bring should you wish to have a full window open in warm weather – a Juliet balcony acts as a safety barrier against any potential accidents. Glass Juliet balconies, too, go one step further in terms of protective measures – toughened architectural glass not only looks spectacular, but also provides rigidity and durability for years to come. The glass we manufacture and supply also comes fully protected against scratches and surface damage – meaning there is even less concern about how such an installation will hold up in years to come.

Elysion Ltd continue to be proud to design, manufacture and install in spectacular glass – we supply and recommend a wide range of options and finishes for a variety of different home installations. Juliet balconies remain a favourite of many households we have worked closely with over the years, and, as such, we are excited to continue designing and supplying glass balconies to homes across our region for many more years to come. If you are interested in installing a modern glass Juliet balcony for your home, call Elysion Ltd today on 01629 820030 or email us for more details at your convenience.

Glass and Stainless Steel Juliet Close-Up

Glass Juliet Close-Up