Brighten Up your Home with these 4 Staircase Lighting Ideas

Brighten up your home with these 4 staircase lighting ideas

Light is one of the most important aspects that home design can make use of. Used in the right way, it can illuminate, create illusions of space, or even transform the atmosphere of a room in its entirety. While many people opt to use lighting purely on an essential basis, it can also be used in tandem with a number of home installation options to create a truly unique look – they can be particularly effective, for instance, used hand-in-hand with a staircase installation of any type. Here are a handful of the ways in which lighting can be incorporated into your staircase design effectively.

Step Lighting
Strip LED lights in the halway stair case wall

LEDs and spot lights can be installed in the steps or treads of your stairs – making for an entrancing glow and a fantastic focal point. Staircases are traditionally positioned near the front entrance, meaning that the installation of LEDs in your treads, regardless of the type of staircase in place, will likely impact positively on any guests making an entrance. Step lighting can be built directly into or under a tread, meaning that necessary wiring and fixtures can be hidden away if necessary.

Glass Step and Tread Lighting
Strip LED lights on a marble staircase

Anyone who knows a little bit about contemporary home design will likely be well aware that glass, too, is a superb source of space enhancement. So much so that you can maximise space and light penetration by coupling internal lighting with glass treads or balustrades – if your staircase benefits from layered glass treads, LEDs can be introduced into the lowest layers, enabling the light to glow through to the top layer and beyond. If nothing else, it will encourage guests to watch their step!

Wall Lighting

Coming away from steps and treads, you can really show off your staircase with specifically positioned and installed wall lighting. These can be used sparingly along the run of a staircase to show off the architecture of each tread, or can even be employed in the form of an LED strip, which may well be more energy efficient in the long run. Either way, the purpose of wall lighting along a staircase is not just to highlight architecture – as it is also hugely effective at lighting you and your guests’ way up the stairs without fear of creating too much unwanted glare or light intrusion.

Feature or Hanging Lighting
Suspending light above the staircaseLED wall lights on a staircase

One of the perils of more complex staircase designs lies in their eschewing of light – it is recommended with tighter spirals and curves, for example, that an external hanging light, perhaps in the form of a chandelier, a cluster or orb, be installed to swing above the stairs. This way, each step is exclusively illuminated, and in such a way that you can still exhibit the architecture of your staircase without risking the loss of any vision in the process.

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