Bespoke Metalwork

Elysion flourish on the challenge that bespoke metalwork can offer; we pride ourselves on producing metalwork solutions to a wide range of unusual and difficult briefs.


The same depth of understanding and experience that is used in manufacturing our high quality metal products for use in all of our bespoke balustrades, handrails, staircases and balconies, is brought to bear on your requirements and projects for general metalwork, fabrication & welding.


Over the years Elysion has worked with scores of architects, design teams, artists and designer makers, during which time we have built a reputation of both efficiency and flexibility when it comes to helping design and produce bespoke metalwork of all types.



Architectural Metalwork from concept to completion


With a process in place to cover each step of the creation and installation of architectural metalwork – from 2D and 3D CAD in designing stages through to the manufacture and later installation, we can be depended upon to offer safe, practical support and expert advice on any part of your project while ensuring adherence to all UK building and manufacturing regulations. Our engineers, designers and tradesmen, who have a wealth of knowledge and a portfolio of stunning installations behind them, will work with you and advise you every step of the way to ensure your bespoke metalwork is just as you originally envisioned and every detail is correct. Using the latest CAD technology integrated with computer aided manufacturing processes means we can replicate the most intricate and complex designs accurately and to high specification.


Metal Work stairs Stainless Steel perforated plate back plate on tubular Bicycle rack.-1 Bespoke art metalwork


Art Fabrication


We enjoy art and sculptural fabrication, working closely with artists and designers of all types to bring their visions to life in a cost effective way, and we welcome early involvement in projects at the concept stage.


Elysion’s multi-skilled craftsmen have considerable experience of the metalwork industry and can fabricate, finish and install a wide range of metals including corten, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, bronze and copper. We can advise on the correct protective coating for you metalwork depending on its final use and environment. Our range of coatings includes but is not limited to, powder coating, galvanising and painting, although many other coatings are available to fulfil the needs of your project.


From colourful flowers to stark angular shapes, our work turns heads up and down the country, our portfolio includes corporate totems, unusual house nameplates and public building signage, traditional, contemporary and highly unusual gates satisfy a range of property owners. We have made brass grilles for public space water features, canopies for dramatic entrances, contemporary church chandeliers, fine garden furniture and more.



Your project in expert hands


If you are looking for dedicated support and unbiased advice, on one or more areas of fabrication or architectural metalwork project but are unsure where to start, or are in need of expertise on both practical and aesthetic matters, Elysion will be happy and willing to offer expert advice and support on as much or as little of your project as you need or desire.


Steve did a top job with the stainless steel barrier. The work was so good that the boss, Ian, would like you to provide a quote for another other style barrier.


The staircase that you created is fantastic and perfectly in keeping with our barn. I would de?nitely recommend Elysion to anyone looking for a similar service, many thanks.


We think that you did a great job on the balustrade, thanks again.

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