The benefits of a glass balustrade

Cantilever Oak and Glass Staircase South Yorkshire 17Homes and businesses alike have made a number of strides in contemporary design over the years in an effort to inspire, delight and to make the best of the space that they have to offer, and when it comes to entertaining guests, meeting clients or providing services to customers, spectacular interior – and exterior – design is absolutely everything.  One of the more popular trends in home and commercial design in recent years is the use of glass – particularly when it comes to balustrades.

But why use glass?  There are a whole host of reasons.  A glass balustrade provides greater transparency, increased light and the illusion of a grander space – after all, the bigger the space, the grander the feel.  Glass balustrades can be used in a variety of locations both internally and externally, and can open up even the tightest of spaces – used in tandem with glass or steel staircases or balconies, they can be designed and used to create unique, sophisticated looks that will really offer the first impression that your home or business is looking for.

Modern, contemporary look

Glass balustrades needn’t provide a privacy issue, either – when installing them as part of a balcony or rooftop pool solution, they can be designed and crafted with frosted or tinted glass so that you can retain the sophistication and class that you are looking to bring to your property without fear of opening yourself up entirely to the world – and coloured or frosted glass can look particularly unique, too, when designed and produced for a bespoke interior balustrade or external balcony.  Essentially, it is a modern and contemporary look that is becoming increasingly popular the world over – and it is one that can be incredibly versatile.

Having a Glass balustrade

Working hand in hand with stainless steel and in framed or frameless designs, no two glass balustrades are the same – and they can also provide fantastic support as a wind break in a balcony or decking installations.  Modern glass used in interior and exterior construction is incredibly resilient and is also remarkably low maintenance, making it a look that may seem luxurious and difficult to uphold, but is in fact a style choice that is incredibly easy to install and to keep looking fantastic all year round.  Glass balustrades make a popular choice for public health providers and private businesses as they offer a sleek, clinical and uncluttered look that can help any operation appear more refined and ready to offer high quality services and support to all their clients.  Essentially, it is a look that suggests transparency, offers a greater expanse of space and can provide unique sophistication to any home or business – and glass balustrades are easier to arrange and implement than you may think.

For expert knowledge, design and support in bringing glass balustrades to your home or business, Elysion can help.  Call us today on 01629 820030 or email via our web form for more information or to arrange a consultation at your convenience – and our team will be happy to hear from you!

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The staircase that you created is fantastic and perfectly in keeping with our barn. I would definitely recommend Elysion to anyone looking for a similar service, many thanks.
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