Why Install a Balcony?


Balconies have been a popular commodity in modern homes for some time – As land is always at a premium and as it becomes increasingly valuable, it’s not difficult to understand why.  Balconies add value and interest to a property, they can provide a unique selling point and also bring a touch of luxury to any home.


The flexibility that a balcony gives adds to the appeal of any home or apartment– and hence adds value that is immediately recognised. By providing a seamless link from inside to outside, a balcony can totally change the way a home is lived in – from breakfasting on a bright morning to watching the sun go down after a great day.


Balconies come in a manner of shapes and sizes as no two homes are the same – in addition to this, balconies are available in three distinct types – a Juliet balcony is usually fitted in front of inward opening doors. It allows you to open the room up safely and provides an external architectural feature but does not give any additional living space. A walk on cantilevered balcony gives projecting floor space without the need for visible support below, requiring no additional supports, but must be considered in the structural design at a very early stage in the building construction phase, and can be limited in size and extent. Finally, a walk on fully framed balcony will be supported on two or more posts or brackets and can be added as part of a new build project, or retro- fitted at a later date, with no real limitations on size or extent.


Commercial balcony Balustrade. Modern office interior and exterior balcony Wide Span Laminated Glass Juliet balcony


Why Choose Elysion?


We have experience of all types of bespoke balcony and whether you are a developer, contractor or homeowner, we are well placed to give you expert advice and support on your choice, design your balcony and manufacture and install it to the highest standards.


We can advise on the most appropriate materials and finishes to use in your build and those that will be most suitable for your own individual needs, in harmony with your building. As with all our work, we will develop the design with your input and provide you with a fully rendered 2D or 3D CAD drawing or CGI to show you how your finished balcony will look when built, and to ensure you are totally satisfied that we have interpreted your requirements exactly and fulfilled  your vision whilst ensuring that all work is carried out to appropriate standards and regulations, and is completely practical. We can also provide full calculations in support of all our designs for building control submission and approval.



Building Your Balcony


Our highly skilled craftsmen will manufacture all the elements of your bespoke balcony, and whether you decide on a frameless glass balustrade with laminated glass flooring and stainless steel structure, or a galvanized steel structure with composite decking and a powder coated steel balustrade, each individual element will be unique to your own project. Our bespoke balcony balustrades and handrails are available in a wide range of finishes and we will happily accommodate any distinctive style or designs if required. As always all our balcony systems and structures can be installed nationwide by our own specialist site installation team, or where preferred we can provide full advice to allow installation by others.


If you are in the process of considering or consulting on a balcony design or plan for a project and are also in two minds regarding taking on a team to help design and produce an installation, consider contacting Elysion for support, advice and expertise on your project.


Steve did a top job with the stainless steel barrier. The work was so good that the boss, Ian, would like you to provide a quote for another other style barrier.


The staircase that you created is fantastic and perfectly in keeping with our barn. I would de?nitely recommend Elysion to anyone looking for a similar service, many thanks.


We think that you did a great job on the balustrade, thanks again.

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