Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Home with a Walk-on Balcony

Side view of a walk on balconyIn the warmer months, it’s highly likely that you’ll not only be looking to entertain more guests at your home, but that you’re also going to be keen to make the most of your garden and patio – everyone loves al fresco dining and drinking during the summer, and there are a number of ways in which you can facilitate this through home extension and installation.  One of the most spectacular additions you can make to your home in anticipation of summer entertaining is a walk-on balcony.

A walk-on balcony is not simply a brief extension to a window box or French window – it can really bring a luxurious touch to your home that will bring both a focal point and a practical means for you to invite more guests, or to host a garden or dinner party with a difference.  If you are proud of your garden you may wish to make the most of it with a unique vantage point, allowing you and your guests to look over while enjoying drinks, dinner and company alike.

More space for your home

Inside view of a walk on balconyWalk-on balconies, too, create a great deal more space – meaning that your home extends itself during warmer months and that you can enjoy the weather from the comfort of your own home, and with the ease of walking out from a bedroom and/or your lounge or dining room without having to traverse flights of stairs in the interim.  Everyone loves space – and you can effectively double the size of your entertaining area by taking on a walk-on balcony that’s in tune with your building style, personality and home décor.

Created specifically for you

Galvanized cantilever balcony with balustradeWalk-on balconies never come in two styles that are the same.  Our teams can work closely with you to design and create a unique balcony that both emphasise space and style while offering views across your garden and back into your home.  Employing balustrades in steel or even in glass, you can even opt for classic or contemporary twists upon the extension, cultivating an atmosphere and making for more of a focal point than ever before.  We are greatly influenced by our surroundings – and access to a walk-on balcony created in your style will make for a perfect outdoor entertainment suite as well as the optimal place for breakfast on a summer morning.

There are many things to enjoy about a walk-on balcony, and it should not be ignored that they, too, will increase the appeal of your home – to you, your guests and even to potential buyers.  A walk-on balcony is practical, stunning and can be as unique as you’d like it to be.

Get the luxurious walk-on balcony for your home today!

For more information on Elysion’s design and fabrication services for inside and outside the home, call us directly today on 01629 820030, or if you have an extended query that you would like us to attend to, simply email us via our web form at your convenience.  A member of our team will be back in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss any future plans you may have for a walk-on balcony and more.

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