6 Reasons to Choose Glass Balustrading

Interior Glass balustrading with a professional finish

Glass balustrading is a luxury, durable option for both safety and interior design embellishment across homes and businesses the world over.  Modern properties and commercial premises opt for glass balustrades for a variety of reasons – and here are some points you may wish to consider if you’re interested in bringing this particular feature into your new interior design plan.

Versatility in Design

Glass has long been a favoured material of designers and fabricators everywhere thanks to its unique properties and spectacular strength.  For complex designs, curves and more besides, glass balustrading can be toughened and moulded to suit your design choices – and Elysion will be able to help you craft the ideal look for your needs.

Glass balustrading on one side of a staircase

Unbeatable Style

Whether interior or exterior, glass has that timeless, luxury appeal despite it being relatively easy to come by and to use – incredible glass balustrading can be crafted with a variety of types and styles, and our team will always be happy to discuss and bring to life any fabrication ideas and desires you may have.


Glass has a false reputation in some quarters for being fragile – this is not the case when it comes to interior design.  Modern processes and technology used to toughen and laminate bespoke glass balustrading will ensure that you always return with a unique installation which is guaranteed to weather the years to come.  Elysion can work with a range of coatings, laminates and finishes to your specific needs.

Low Maintenance

Glass is – fairly obviously – very easy to clean and maintain.  Unlike wooden installations where regular polishing and careful maintenance is key, glass balustrading looks effortlessly spectacular with simple cleaning and regular care. We have a range of low maintenance glass options available for all our clients if that is a preferred option.

Simple Installation

Glass balustrade is quick to install, – and when it comes to glass balustrades, our team of specialists will be able to seamlessly install and implement accurate, straightforward systems for you with minimal disruption.

A Timeless Look

Staircase glass balustrading for a businessGlass has lasted the millennia – and while certain styles and trends have come and gone, there is no sign of glass balustrading, or glass in interior design in general, fading out of fashion.  Adding incredible value to your home or premises, timeless glass balustrades will offer a luxurious touch to any property for years to come.

Elysion Ltd are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of impeccable luxury interior decoration and furnishings – glass balustrading is only the beginning.  Please take a closer look at our portfolio or call our team today on 01629 820030 to learn more about how we can bring unique, gleaming glass balustrades into your new home or office design.  Alternatively, please email us with any queries you may have.

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