5 reasons to consider getting glass flooring installed in your home

laminated-glass-floor-with-oak-trimsWhether you have seen them on Grand designs, been to the top of Blackpool Tower or even visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona you will have seen glass floors used to give that wow factor to a situation or building that already was incredible. Now more than ever you can bring this effect into your home, letting sunlight into dark rooms, or making the most of elevated views and perspectives, or even introduce the changing light effects of the Sun’s rays throughout the day into rooms where it would be impossible to provide daylight without the benefit of glass floors.

More and more designers are using glass as an alternative to wood and concrete products as it can offer equal or even greater strength properties with the use of both toughened glass and laminates. Laminated glass was originally marketed as Safety glass and today is used on all car windscreens. It is made by sandwiching layers of glass with Polyvinyl Butyl (PVB) or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), or even high strength SGP interlayers. This makes a shatter resistant product that has incredible strength, allowing its use in a myriad of structural situations – For instance laminated windows are used in geographical areas requiring hurricane-resistant construction. The prime benefit of laminated glass is that in the event of a layer or ply breaking, the glass panel still retains a percentage of its inherent strength, and the broken glass is restrained in place by the interlayer.

Why you should want themsandblasted-and-laminated-glass-panel

Naturally bright rooms and areas give the effect of size and space, and increasingly it becomes harder with planning constrictions for architects to introduce extra light to a building, especially a conversion, renovation or even a new build. This is where they have to be clever and “borrow” or maximise available light, using open plan rooms, glazed doors, open tread stairs or even glass stairs. This is where Elysion can help with the design, manufacture and installation of glass floor panels, or even glass walkways and bridges. These enable light to be transmitted from one floor to another, maximising the light and illuminating the floors below. The added benefits of natural light is that feel good feeling of the sunlight streaming through the building on a summers morning, and the obvious energy saving of not having to constantly use electric lights.

Good and bad

Various levels of privacy can be introduced to the Glass flooring – from total or partial obscurity using sand blasting to tinting in various tones, and even incorporating panels of switchable magic glass. Floor Glass can be used for a large area or combined into tiled, wooden or even concrete floors and can be walked over exactly the same as any other flooring in the building. Where a property has a basement that extends beyond the boundaries of the main building an external glass floor panel can be incorporated into the patio or decking area in the garden, providing natural light into the subterranean room whilst not encroaching on the entertaining area above.


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