5 myths about Glass Floors you need to know about

glass floorMyth #1 – Glass floor panels can only be used for a small area of flooring

When glass flooring panels are fitted, the supporting structure is made to suit the job. This means that if you require a larger area of glass flooring, longer supporting structures ensure that the floor is still adequately supported. So don’t be put off using glass if you are wanting a larger flooring area – hire a professional like Elysion Ltd and it can be fitted to work just as well as any other materials!

Myth #2 – Glass floors are weaker than ones supported by wooden joists

Many people have the impression that floors supported by wood joists are much stronger, and there is often a fear of safety when thinking about glass flooring – however there is no need to worry! Our glass floors are built to last, with multiple panels used for larger areas in addition to a steel, stainless steel or timber frame to ensure it is supported. As surprising as this may be, we can actually supply laminated glass beams to support glass flooring panels.

laminated glass floorMyth #3 – Bad weather can make glass floors slippery and unsafe to walk on

When people think of glass flooring, the first thing they often worry about is safety – is glass flooring prone to causing injuryies? We’re here to reassure you that all our glass flooring has a non-slip surface, which is achieved by sandblasting for internal use, or with a grit fused top for external use. This means that even if your glass floor is wet from rain or snow, it shouldn’t be any more dangerous than other flooring materials.

Myth #4 – Glass floors can’t be used outdoors

Glass flooring used outside can be an impressive addition to your garden, and more and more people are now veering towards glass flooring over the traditional wooden decking, which requires more maintenance and doesn’t look its best for long!


glass flooringMyth #5 – It is impossible to get any privacy as all glass floors are see-through

It is a common worry that having glass floors will take away any privacy in your home or business, however this doesn’t have to be the case. By using a frosted or etched finish to the glass, light will still be able to get through, but you will still get the privacy you require. Using glass flooring will enable your interior to look bigger and lighter, as the light is not being blocked by an opaque floor. In addition switchable glass interlayers can be used that turn the glass opaque at the flick of a switch.

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